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7 Ways Kids Can Help the Environment

June 5, 2020

This World Environment Day, let’s explore ways kids can help the environment. In this blogpost you will find 7 activities about the environment for kids, from inspiring books and eco toys to free printables. Watch the learning video above for more tips!  

1. Recycling Activities for Kids

The important thing when teaching children how to help the environment is making it child-friendly. Vocabulary can be adapted to suit each child’s needs and level of understanding and tasks can be exciting. Whether kids are at home learning or at school, picking up litter can be turned into an interesting scavenger hunt. Plus, a recycling reward chart may motivate little ones who want to help the environment. There are also wonderful online resources to make learning about the environment fun for kids. For example, this article from CBBC helps children to go green with simple steps. Similarly, children can watch educational online videos about recycling on CBeebies 

2. Science Worksheets About the Environment

Discover hundreds of free printables for school-based or home learning on WordUnited’s fast-growing Free Resources Hub. New resources are added weekly and can easily be downloaded and printed from any device. To help children learn about the environment, take a look at the following science worksheets. Learn how to recycle with this Sorting Activity! Kids can cut out the different objects and place them next to the correct bin. Develop fine motor skills whilst increasing environmental awarenessSimilarly, Environment Writing Activity encourages children to boost handwriting skills and learn about the environment. Moreover, tap into the natural world with this free Barefoot Books Connecting with Nature & Animals resource. 

3. Inspirational Environment Books for Kids

There are plenty of inspiring books for kids about the environment. This book teaches children how they can save endangered animals and make the world a better place. From hedgehogs in the back garden to polar bears farther from home, kids can learn how to make a difference. Similarly, read all about the effect of climate change with Mr World, written in a child-friendly way. Moreover, kids can learn all about recycling with this fascinating See Inside Lift-the-Flap book. Alternatively, learn how food grows in It All Starts with a Seed, a stylish book with beautiful illustrations and useful information.  

4. Eco Toys for Kids

WordUnited has a range of eco and ethical toys for kids. PlanToys are ethically manufactured in Thailand using sustainable rubber trees and a carbon-neutral process. Packaging is made from water-based dyes and recycled materials. Similarly, Hape toys are also made from sustainable wood, such as bamboo, with any plastic parts being durable enough to last generations. Alternately, Green Toys are made from durable recycled plastic that is BPA free and dishwasher safe. This cute recycling truck is an excellent eco toy to help kids learn about the environment! Shop the range of eco toys on WordUnited. 

5. Gardening Activities

Gardening activities are a wonderful way for children to connect with nature and help the environment. Whether it is a window sill, allotment or garden, you can get creative with gardening. Plant seeds, flowers and shrubs or even try growing your own food! Browse more gardening toys here 

In the video above, see how to make a plant pot out of a tin can. You will need an empty tin can – drill a hole in the bottom for extra drainage, before your child begins the activity. Also required are crafts sticks, an elastic band and ribbon. Place the elastic band horizontally around the middle of the tin can, then feed the craft sticks through. Once the circumference of the tin can is covered with craft sticks, secure a ribbon over the elastic band. Add soil and seeds, flowers or a plant and watch it grow!  

6. Reducing and Reusing

It is important not only to recycle, but to reduce waste and reuse where possible. Children can donate their old clothes and toys to others who need them, giving the items a new life. Little ones can also upcycle old items to make something new. An old box suddenly becomes a giant castle, whilst a juice carton becomes a plant pot. Check out this Recycled Craft playlist, bursting with environmentally-friendly activities for kids.  

7. Saving Energy

Children can practice saving energy in several ways, at home or school. To save water, kids can try to turn off the tap whilst they brush their teeth. Moreover, switching off lights when leaving a room can help save electricity. Families can also cycle or walk instead of using the car where possible. Plus, kids can swap channel flicking for page turning by choosing a book over the TV, therefore saving electricity.  

Discover more activities for kids on and explore thousands of learning resources, stimulating books and educational toys for kids at!  


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