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Early Learning Toys to Understand the World!

There is no doubt about it; children are little sponges. They’re so curious and interested in the world, which is why they ask a million questions every single day. Children in their early years are discovering a vast world and figuring out their place within it; asking questions helps them to learn about everything speeding past them. It’s you that can slow that world down for them to understand it better. 

The world is a big and scary place to a small child, but with the help of WordUnited, you can get the best early years resources to feed your child’s mind with facts to help them shrink it a little. Learning books and toys can get your child from asking the questions, to seeking out the information in a way that suits their learning style. We are all about ensuring that your child can soak up as much information that they want through discovery, play and fun – which is what learning should be.

At WordUnited, we carry a massive range of nursery resources and preschool learning toys to encourage your children into a world of discovery actively. They all come with easy-to-understand wording, soft words and bright colours to allow learning about the world to be exciting. They’ll be hungry to discover more, hungry to learn and excited about what the world has in store for them as they grow. The best bit? We have a huge bank of free nursery resources in our Free Resources Hub that you can use on our website. There’s no need to put a limit on their learning of the environment, technology and people if you don’t want to. With accessible resources to read and videos to watch, you can introduce your little one into a new world of learning.

Jump into Understanding The World EYFS

The early years foundation stage is the first stage that your child will encounter when they go to school. They have gone from being by your side at all times to being put in an environment where they are overloaded with information. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you may find that certain areas of their education will become more interesting to them – even at the foundation stage

Grab that interest with both hands. Learning the basics of space and supernovas, exploring the alphabet and phonics and jumping into an Atlas are all part of the WordUnited experience, and you can embrace it, too. Our books on all of these topics are fun, easy to read and colourful; everything that will interest your child further. We aim to engage, and we do it well! Developing your child’s confidence, even at an early stage of their education, is crucial to their success later on. Plus, is there ever a reason not to foster a fantastic sense of discovery in your little person? We don’t think so!

Big Early Years Resources For Little Minds

You have the power to dive right into the mind of a child when you shop with WordUnited. Children don’t realise that they’re learning early fractions, addition and subtraction when they are cutting up our BigJigs Wooden Cutting Bread & Pastries Crate. They’re just pretending to be in a cafe by the sea – all curated by their desperation to expand their imaginations. You get to be a part of a fantastic transformation, and with the help of the STEM toys for 3 year olds and EYFS resources from WordUnited, your child is going to be able to learn confidently.

As a parent, you’re the primary person who is going to help your child to understand their environment, why people are different, the places around the world – and we are proud to be able to help. Our Amazing Animal Journeys book written by Chris Packham, is going to transport your child to different environments around the world. Something so simple can be so enjoyable, and you’re the one choosing to make that introduction – well done, you!

WordUnited Learning Blog

We’re not all preschool learning toys and worksheets for nursery; we’re more than that. You can check out our blog, where you’ll find tons of resources which are age-appropriate for your child. You don’t have to be a teacher to use the resources; they’re fun EYFS resources that you can use to learn together at home. They’ll be able to relate these resources to their classroom learning, and when you put together these free blogs and resources with our books and learning toys, you get an educational Smorgasbord that your child can feast from!

With the introduction of our Understanding the World EYFS section of our website, you can explore our full range of educational books and toys that you can narrow down by age. Every single one of our products is available in line with the EYFS requirements for the National Curriculum. Buy today and understand the world – together.