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Discover activity sheets and ideas for children, all free to download, print and share. Let’s spread the fun of learning!

Welcome to WordUnited’s fast-growing Free Resources Hub. Here, we hope you find inspiration to help children learn while having fun. Explore our range of activity sheets, printables, and videos. Feel free to download any of the resources, to print them and to share them again and again…

Discover 100s of fun and printable worksheets for kids on WordUnited’s Free Resources Hub! Free printable worksheets, free teaching resources, free classroom display and inspirational videos.

Welcome to WordUnited’s new Free Resources Hub! Here, you will find free printables for classroom displays, teacher resources, early years resources and worksheets for KS1 and KS2. Below, you can browse the expanding range of resources, all of which are easy to download for free. All resources are excellent for both classroom and home learning!

Free Printables

At WordUnited, we believe that learning and playing are one; this is reflected in our choice of bright and engaging colours, child-friendly fonts and layouts for the free worksheets and classroom displays. Our free printables are easily accessible to all, including parents, teachers, teaching assistants, home educators and children. We have carefully designed the Free Resources Hub to be user-friendly, enabling you to efficiently filter by subject and age range or use the search bar to quickly locate the resource you have in mind. Simply select the worksheet sheet you would like to download on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device, print and spread the fun of learning. Whether it’s an inspiring worksheet for a lesson or an attention-grabbing display to inspire young minds, you can download a growing collection of excellent learning resources. We will also be taking requests for new free resources. To get involved, contact [email protected] with any suggestions for free worksheets and up to five of these requests will be created each week.

Science and Primary Resources Maths Worksheets

Searching for free math sheets? Look no further – we have a wonderful range of math worksheets to support learning numeracy skills. Handy matching times tables worksheets can help children to remember their times tables; practice the two times table with times tables worksheets like colouring pairs of socks. Try addition and subtraction worksheets such as robot 10 more or less o improve adding and subtracting numeracy skills or dinosaur counting year 1 maths worksheets to place a fun spin on counting to 100. Put your fraction knowledge to the test with fractions worksheets or play a fun game of fraction dominoes. For early years resources in numeracy, you can use our handy filtering tools to quickly locate a range of math worksheets. Filter by “Maths” and age range “3-5” to see what primary resources maths are available. For example, kids can learn how to count to ten with food-themed colouring sheets of fruit and cupcakes. Not only this, but children will simultaneously learn about different colours and food. Additionally, little ones learning about shapes may benefit from a differentiated 2D shapes matching activity, or if you are searching for KS1 and KS2 maths worksheets, explore free resources such as tally chartsand Roman numerals. Little scientists can experiment to see what happens when they mix primary colours to create secondary colours.

Teaching Ideas and Home Education Resources

Whether you are a teacher within a school or home education setting, our wide range of worksheets support the national curriculum, lesson planning and aim to inspire teaching ideas. Many of our free teacher resources are also differentiated for all abilities and include answer sheets to assist with marking. Decorate walls with classroom displays and home education resources. For example, add a pop of colour to the room with a vibrant colour wheel display or download a map of Europe to help kids easily identify different European countries. Moreover, effortlessly create free home education packs by downloading any relevant resource with ease. For children with Special Educational Needs such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Speech and Language needs, our range of SEN worksheets support topics such as educational, behavioural, social and emotional learning. These free printables provide SEN teaching ideas and include activities such as weather chart displays, drawing feelings and understanding emotions.

Colouring Pages for Kids

Colouring sheets are excellent for all ages and have heaps of benefits. As mentioned on, colouring pages can help to improve fine motor skills when using the muscles of the hand and wrist to grip the pencil. Building hand strength and dexterity can later contribute to improved handwriting skills, whilst focusing on controlling the crayons can improve hand-eye coordination. Children can also develop their creativity and knowledge of different colour names as they choose which colours to use for their work of art. We have therefore created free colouring pages for kids and they are excellent for school and home learning. Choose from early years resources like this giraffe colouring activity or for older kids, try mindful colouring pages. Alongside colouring pages for kids, in our art category you will also find plenty of other art activities and messy play teaching ideas. For example, kids may enjoy a colour scavenger hunt, a brilliant way to incorporate the outdoors into everyday learning, as kids venture into nature to locate objects that match the colours.

History and Geography Worksheets

With a growing selection of humanities worksheets on our Free Resources Hub, finding history and geography teaching ideas and activities has never been easier. Whether you are seeking informative and colourful maps of continents and countries or parts of a castle classroom displays, we have got you covered. Children can tune into their creative side by designing their own shields or label colourful illustrations of Egyptian Gods with or without clues, depending on each differentiated sheet. For geography activities, develop knowledge of European countries with an enjoyable wordsearch or work on understanding the location of the seven continents of the world with a matching worksheet.

Phonics Worksheets and Handwriting Practice Sheets

Within our literacy category of free printables, children can practice their alphabet with letter formation sheets. Learn the order of the alphabet and practice letter recognition or combine colouring and writing skills with handwriting practice sheets. Here, children can trace the different letters of the alphabet and colour in objects beginning with each letter. Why not start today with a colour & trace activity for letter “A”? Alternatively, if your child is learning another language, you may find our expanding range of handwriting practice sheets and letter formation sheets for French, Arabic, Spanish and German helpful. Furthermore, phonics worksheets can be a fantastic way to reinforce learning different sounds. For example, learn the digraph “sh” with a cute sheep worksheet and improve letter recognition and formation. Pair phonics worksheets with flashcards and digraph dominoes to further develop literacy skills.

Feel free to download, print and share the resources to spread the joy of learning! To read our blogpost about the Free Resources Hub and learn more about our free printables click here.