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Welcome to see our ethical and eco-friendly toys for sustainable future! To make playtime greener, we have an amazing selection of eco educational toys for you to choose from. These brands use sustainable materials with the intention of reducing their impact on our environment. From brands using ethical manufacturing and production methods to natural and recycled materials, we have a wide range of eco-friendly toys to suit each individual preference. Below you will find an assortment of eco and ethical toys for kids.


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Plan Toys Baby Eco Toys

PlanToys focus on safe wooden eco kids toys that enhance children’s development; their products are made from reclaimed rubber wood and compressed sawdust. The company uses natural resources and makes minimum to zero waste. Moreover, PlanToys have a sustainable manufacturing process – for example, they use solar power for electricity and plant trees to remain carbon neutral.

To develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, why not try this collaborative balancing boat game where children must use pincers to carefully stack the animals on top of the boat… without them falling! Children may also like pretend play toys such as a fruit and vegetable cutting setor their first camera with an engaging kaleidoscope lens. Develop numeracy skills with fraction blocks to learn about geometry, shapes and fractions or practice number bonds to 10 with these brilliant counting frames. Budding musicians may enjoy baby eco toys such as this solid drum, which can help to develop children’s arm muscles, spatial perception and auditory nerves.

Green Toys Environmentally Friendly Toys

For Green Toys, every day is Earth day. Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic and are BPA free. Green Toys aim to inspire creativity and imagination. Milk jugs are recycled to create the environmentally friendly toys, saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making them dishwasher friendly!

Children can set sail with an environmentally friendly toys such as this ferry, equipped with two cars. For bath time fun, children can imagine they are out at sea with underwater submarines and seaplanes. Alternatively, take to the sand pit with a chunky dump truckthat is great for developing pretend play and fine-motor skills. Moreover, aspiring bakers will love this cupcake set, complete with frosting, cupcakes, cases and a cake stand. Children can practice and develop their colours, counting and fine motor skills, all whilst hosting the perfect tea party!

HABA Eco Educational Toys

HABA takes environmental protection seriously, using PEFC wood from sustainable forests for their wooden eco kids toys. HABA eco educational toys are manufactured in Germany using eco-friendly production techniques.

Children can build basic scientific concepts of sound with this delightful musical chimes toy, as they learn to strike the chimes with the right force to produce a melody. Additionally, the HABA hose telephone is a wonderful collaborative game to build social, speaking and listening skills, whilst further developing a scientific understanding of sound. Furthermore, this wooden car run track is great for children who are fans of marble run, but perhaps a little too young. Little ones from 2 years old can learn about forces, speed and motion whilst playing imaginatively.

Lanka Kade Ethical Toys

Lanka Kade began in 1994 and is a family run business specialising in Fairtrade wooden eco kids toys. Their eco educational toys aim to inspire children to learn through play; they are designed in the UK and handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka.

Learn to count with brightly coloured chunky puzzles shapes as animals, such as this educational giraffe jigsaw that comes with a handy canvas bag to store the puzzle pieces – a great example of baby eco toys. For outdoor play, try this Fairtrade skipping rope, ideal for developing hand-eye coordination and providing a healthy activity. Plus, toys aren’t just for children! These sustainable skittles are a fabulous game for all the family – children and adults alike – and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Hape Eco Kids Toys

Hape is dependent on natural materials, with a full line of bamboo eco kids toys available and an environmentally conscious production process. Where plastic is used, Hape intend for this to withstand generations and encourage toys to be passed down rather than thrown out.

Kids can enjoy hours of role play with environmentally friendly toys such as this realistic construction crane model, great for children who are fascinated by skyscrapers and construction sites. Similarly, children can further develop role play, storytelling and dexterity with Family Pets, which includes a dog, cat and rabbit with their food and sleeping quarters. For running feet, take a look at this example of baby eco toys – a rainbow push and pull wheel that helps children to develop balance and physical strength. To develop mathematical skills, perhaps try this colourful bead abacus to practice counting, adding and subtracting.

Rubbabu Environmentally Friendly Toys

Rubbabu use pure natural rubber foam that is renewable and non-toxic nylon flock to create their eco kids toys. The environmentally friendly toys are made in a family-owned Fairtrade factory in India by skilled artisans. Rubbabu believe in simple, safe and fun eco educational toys.

Choose from sensory alphabet and number balls to help children recognise letters and encourage counting or try a textured starry night ball. These also make great baby eco toys to help young children learn how to throw and catch. There is also an excellent sensory bouncy ball setcomprised of three eco-friendly, colourful balls that are the perfect size for little hands to grasp.