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Counting Toys and 123 Books

One of the hardest jobs for a parent of an older child is to get them interested in numbers. Mathematics for older kids? Far harder now than it ever used to be – or so it seems. The best way to deal with children and numbers is to instil a love of maths activities from an early age. The earlier children learn the joy of counting, dividing, grouping and number patterns, the better for their future education in mathematics. Why? Children are curious little creatures! They’ll turn their hand to anything if it means discovering a solution to a puzzle. 

Young children will always be willing to learn because no one has told them that they couldn’t do it. Everyone encourages children in the Early Years Foundation Stage to do well, and they do because the encouragement is there to keep them motivated to learn. With the help of their parents (that’s you) and their teachers, children can succeed in numbers. When you add the early years maths resources from WordUnited to the mix, you have an unstoppable, stimulating, fun learning environment for your children to enjoy.

Making Numbers Fun With EYFS Maths Games

Learning through play in the early years foundation stage is an essential way for children to learn. They need to see the bright colours in numeracy toys and reception maths games. They need to feel the different materials used in the best counting games EYFS can provide. At WordUnited, we are incredibly supportive of this method of learning, and we prove that with our exciting early years maths activities offered on our website. We understand the way that children love to learn, and we want to help you to make learning numbers as fun as possible, as early as possible. Harnessing a love of learning takes time, and we are keen to be a part of that process.

Playing games, doing actions, using counting toys and maths toys are all a big part of the learning journey your children are going to go on. WordUnited offers exciting number colouring books with bright colours, gentle phrasing and tons of praise that make your children thrilled to learn. WordUnited hopes to foster a love of learning numbers, and with our free resources and our WordUnited blog, we want to give you as many tools as possible to make that happen.

Imagination & Exploration With Early Years Resources

If you have ever sat with your children and helped them to count to the next set of numbers, you’ll see that pure joy cross their faces when they realise that they’ve got it right. It’s this moment that will make or break their education. At WordUnited, we use easy to understand early years maths resources to keep that joy going from one worksheet to the next. Not all learning is with worksheets, of course, which is why we provide a vast and varied range of numeracy toys, too. 

Mix and match these learning tools, and you will be able to bring that hunger for learning to the table once more. We offer some of the best counting games EYFS groups can offer, and we can do it with toys, books, games and more to feed the imagination of your child and help them to explore. Children are always willing to learn, and the more fun you have with their learning, the more confident they will feel. They need dancing, singing and as many colours as they can see to feel excited to learn. Our BigJigs Number Tray is one of our brightest numeracy toys, and children and their parents love it as a tool for their learning journey. It’s no wonder – the attractive colours makes learning so much more fun! 

When children can use their senses to learn, you know you’re onto a winner.

Explore Our Free Resources Hub For EYFS Resources

Not only will you find worksheets covering all manner of numbers and counting, but you’ll also find exciting videos for a range of topics for EYFS maths activities. Our resources are free, and we’re passionate about providing these for you and your children. You need to be able to access a wide range of pages to make learning as collaborative and fun as possible. Each of our worksheets aligns with the EYFS curriculum, so you’ll be able to find fun links back to the learning in the classroom. This makes the transition between school and home learning so much easier!

All of our free resources in our Hub cater for children of all ages. You can give your children the tools that they need to develop their numeracy skills from the early years foundation stage all the way up the primary school ladder. The more you foster a passion for numbers at a young age, the hungrier they will be to learn. 

Discover Our WordUnited Blog

One thing that you will learn quickly about WordUnited is that we are so much more than a product website. Sure, we’ve got some exciting maths games and EYFS counting activities, but that doesn’t mean we’re not concerned about how you can encourage your child to learn. With our free WordUnited Blog, you can unlock a new pathway to your child’s learning. Our blog is one of the best resources out there to ensure that you are relating your home education with classroom teaching. This is so important for consistency in education, and we’ve got it all here for you.

Our early years maths resources and number toys are all there to give your child everything that they need to learn at home. Between our products and our resources, you as a parent have the full support of the WordUnited team to encourage your child to learn and provide a secure and stable learning environment at home. Each of our products supports the requirements of the EYFS and Primary National Curriculum, which means that you are in the right place to do the best that you can by your child. Why not buy today?