See Inside Recycling & Rubbish (Usborne Lift-the-Flap)


See Inside Recycling & Rubbish (Usborne Lift-the-Flap)


Product Code: US112

Age: 3y+

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A fun and fascinating flap book that follows rubbish on a journey from the bin to the sorting factories and recycling centres. Over 60 flaps reveal how glass, metal, plastics and paper are recycled and what happens to the rubbish that can’t be recycled. Includes a large, fold-out page showing the amazing machines that separate materials in recycling centres.

Spiral-bound: 14 pages

ISBN: 9781409507413

Dimensions: 22.5 x 1.7 x 27.8 cm

Written by: Alex Firth

Illustrated by: Peter Allen

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“This is a really important topic and it is essential that our children understand the issues involved and how they can play their part. This book takes a comprehensive look at what happens to the horrifying amount of rubbish which is produced, but does so in an approachable and interesting way. From what happens when we throw rubbish away and how it is collected right through to how it is recycled, the amount of detail in the book is amazing…This book will be a great help for topic work. Don’t miss the rubbish facts at the end!” –Parents in Touch

“With brightly coloured, engaging illustrations and characters by Peter Allen, this is a very busy book, packed full of information on recycling and resource recovery that will entertain older children, while hopefully teaching them about where their rubbish goes…and what they can actively do to help the environment, all presented in a positive, non-preachy manner.” –Resource

“As a change from very broad overviews of green matters, this large, colourful book concentrates on what happens to our rubbish. Every packed page offers flaps to lift…plus a page of facts. For example, “26 plastic bottles can make a whole ski outfit.” It’s amaze your parents time! The four fold-out centre pages are interesting to everyone who recycles… Although aimed at the primary years, because of the illustrations, this can be suitable for the youngest children and parents will have some questions answered too.” –Carousel

“This book is interesting because it has flaps you can lift up to see inside things. You can see what it’s really like inside a Materials Recovery Facility, which is the proper name for a recycling centre… I learnt facts like how tall buildings can have rubbish chutes down the outside and how recycling gets sorted on a conveyor belt.” –Reader’s Review on The Guardian