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Arabic Alphabet Learning Toys

Children have an amazing capacity to learn a foreign language. Did you know that Arabic is the fifth most spoken language in the world and one of the top 10 foreign languages studied? Arabic script is very different from European languages and is written from right to left in a cursive style.

Here, we list some helpful tools to learn Arabic for kids from Arabic children’s books and flashcards to toys and games. To learn writing Arabic, children start by learning the Arabic alphabet, vowel marks and vowel letters, then learn how to join the letters. Once they achieve this, reading Arabic is very easy. There are no tricky words nor mysterious sounds! Children can read any Arabic text by sounding out the letters and vowels. Words are simply read by pronouncing the letters. Teaching the Arabic language for kids can be made fun and easy with a mix of Arabic books for kids, toys, puzzles, flashcards, worksheets and videos.

A first step in learning Arabic for children is introducing the Arabic alphabet through Arabic toys such as the Alphabet Frame, the Alphabet House or the Alphabet Kaba. Holding and manipulating Arabic Alphabet blocks promotes character recognition through sensory learning. Puzzles like the Alphabet Camel Puzzle are excellent resources to help children learn the Alphabet in the correct sequence while having fun!

Flashcards to Learn Arabic for Kids

Using flashcards to learn Arabic is a very efficient method of clearly introducing letters and vocabulary to young children. The Arabic Alphabet Write & Wipe Flashcards help children start from tracing letters to writing independently. They are wipe-clean and oversized, so children have plenty of space to practice time after time. The vivid images on white backgrounds and the clear text help children to focus with minimal distractions. Children can develop their Arabic vocabulary, while practicing writing words, with the Numbers in ArabicColours & Shapes in Arabic and the Actions in Arabic flashcard kits. All the Arabic Write & Wipe kits come complete with 2 pens in red and blue with detachable erasers, an instruction booklet, multilingual translation and sound stickers to customise the cards, and rewards smiley stickers. All the items are neatly packed in a durable box with a magnetic lid. The Arabic flash cards by WordUnited are the best and easiest way to support learning Arabic for children.

Arabic Learning Games

When teaching the Arabic language for kids, supplement lessons by educational games. Games facilitate speaking, listening and even thinking in Arabic while having lots of fun! Flashcards can be creatively used to play games in Arabic. Other games can revolve about hiding objects, named in Arabic, and searching for them. Use Arabic adjectives to indicate if children are close or far from finding the hidden objects. Games help create relaxed and engaging environments to facilitate learning Arabic for children.

Arabic Children’s Books

Arabic books for children are essential in learning Arabic for kids, from becoming familiar with the direction of Arabic writing to developing Arabic vocabulary. Books can help introduce vowel marks and vowel letters to children, as well as teaching children blending, or connecting the individual Arabic letters to read words. The Let’s Read Arabic 8-book series is a fresh, modern and highly engaging series that teaches how to read Arabic. It starts form the Arabic letters with a simple vowel mark and progresses to reading more complex words with long vowels and articles, covering all the sounds of the Arabic language. Other Arabic Children’s books like picture books and stories nurture the love to read and learn Arabic for kids.

Arabic Dictionaries

When selecting Arabic children’s books, don’t forget the dictionaries, which are key resources to help learn Arabic for kids. Children with beginning reading skills find Arabic picture dictionaries accessible and easy to use. The images help with word association to develop Arabic vocabulary. Bilingual dictionaries have the advantage of translating the words.

Free Arabic Worksheets and Printables

To learn Arabic for kids, you can download and print Arabic worksheets free of charge here. Worksheets can support learning from Arabic books for kids and flashcards, or can be independently used.

Arabic Learning Videos

YouTube has many useful videos that introduce children to the Arabic Alphabet and basic vocabulary. It can be hard to find the best Arabic learning videos, so we have compiled an excellent selection here. Watching children movies and animation as well as listening to children songs in Arabic help with learning Arabic for children. Children become familiar with the Arabic sounds and can help develop their Arabic vocabulary.

Selecting the Best Arabic Children’s Books and Toys

Overall, there are fantastic resources to help learn Arabic for kids from Arabic children’s books, dictionaries and flashcards to games, puzzles and toys. When choosing resources to support Arabic learning for children, consider the child’s level and interest. Also, a variety of different resources help children to learn Arabic in a multisensory and more engaging way.