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5 Benefits of Wooden Toys for Your Child
When it comes to selecting toys for children, there is plenty of choice. Many toys tend to be made from two main materials: plastic and wood. Though both have their benefits, this post...
Best Sensory Toys for Autism
When looking for the best sensory toys for autism, it is important to consider your child’s individual needs. Depending on their age, interests and developmental stage, there are plenty of fabulous toys for...
Educational Gift Ideas for Kids
We believe that learning can be fun here at WordUnited! Play is a highly effective way in which children learn and is an activity that can be scaffolded by adults. As parents and...
5 Best Quiet Books for Toddlers
From a very young age, children can reap the benefits of books and begin to develop beneficial pre-reading skills. Reading can help children grasp the importance of following the text from left to...
7 Meaningful Children Stories with Morals
Reading is an important activity for your child’s development and can be a fun activity with benefits that transfer to many different areas in life, from academic subjects in school to simply comprehending...
Fun & Educational Book Series for Children
Reading is a wonderful activity that can help children to develop a wide variety of skills. When reading a book, children absorb new vocabulary and learn how to concentrate for extended periods of...
Top Emotional Development Activities for Kids
As children grow, they experience a range of developmental milestones including physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth. There are various emotional development activities that can nurture and support children when developing in these...
Let’s Read Series: The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Reading
Two of the key skills required for learning to phonetically read are phoneme recognition and blending. Children who struggle with these early reading skills are likely to fall behind in literacy. There is...
Fun Literacy, Numeracy and Language Learning Kits
WordUnited, an independent UK publisher, has developed kits for early learning of multiple foreign languages, regardless of the native tongue. Teacher Miss Caroline Kirby has used the learning kits in her classroom for...