Delivery to Ireland

Discover a wide range of carefully selected educational toys and books, which can all be delivered to Ireland.

Delivering Children’s Books To Ireland

For a Northern Ireland address, delivery is the same as elsewhere in the United Kingdom. Once the order has been acknowledged and confirmed, we will always aim to deliver within two or five working days depending on the specified delivery option. Standard delivery costs £2.99 with FREE delivery on orders over £50. Fast delivery costs £6.99, reduced to £4.99 on orders over £50.

Deliveries of children’s books to the Republic of Ireland are the same as other European countries. Delivery typically takes between 2 and 4 days. The charge is £15 with FREE delivery available on orders over £100.

We guarantee delivery within 30 days. The only exception is pre-orders which are delivered within 30 days of the product becoming available. If you order multiple products, they may be delivered in installments. WordUnited will not be responsible for any damage or loss as a result of delayed delivery.


Children’s Books Ireland

If you’re looking for high quality and engaging children’s books in Ireland, WordUnited have everything you need. Our books are incredibly popular worldwide and children enjoy reading them in a range of languages. They are specifically designed and written to support the Primary National Curriculum whilst still inspiring your child and getting them excited about learning. Designed to last, you can use them time and time again.

The books we stock are suitable for ages 0 to 7 and range from colourful picture books to more informative and factual books for increasingly independent readers.

At WordUnited we like to make it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect book. You can refine your search of our books by using our filters. These include age, price, stage, skill, subject and language.

Language and Bilingual Children’s Books

When it comes to learning new languages, it helps to start young. Children’s brains are incredibly active and they have an innate curiosity about the world around them. Equally importantly, they don’t care or get embarrassed when they get something wrong, and will simply try again another time. This helps them to pick up languages more quickly and easily than the vast majority of adults. In the long term, learning more than one language can help to boost a child’s listening and problem-solving skills.

Our language focused children’s books in Ireland currently cover English, French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic and Welsh. We are constantly updating our stock though so please do get in touch if you are keen to see another language added to our offering.

Flashcards and Wipe Clean Children’s Books

Repetition is key in learning, and this is true whatever your age. To help your child improve their writing skills, we recommend that you try using some of our wipe clean books and flashcards.

With our wipe clean products, your child can begin by simply tracing over the given word before working their way up to writing it out unaided. After each attempt, you simply need to wipe away the pen and then they’re good to go again. Young children’s fine motor skills aren’t fully developed yet, so these books and flashcards are made deliberately large to accommodate their first, less successful attempts. These cards are clear and easy to use, with no added distractions that could draw focus.

For children starting to learn their phonics, we would recommend our range of textured flashcards. Children love to touch and trace the different textured letters, learning their shape as they do so. The flashcards are supported by a book which uses the same principles.

Maths, Science and Technology

Learning to count is an important milestone in a child’s life. As their parent, guardian or teacher you can help them to get there with our books. They use rhyme, colouring in, stickers and more to engage and motivate children. We want learning to be fun! Practice makes perfect so we have a number of activity sheet books for children to fill out as they gain in confidence and knowledge. From first learning to count to completing more complex sums, we have everything you need to support your child’s developing numeracy skills.

For slightly older readers, we have an excellent range of books on science and technology. Full of exciting facts and bright illustrations, these books are ideal for any child that is always wondering ‘why?’. They tackle challenging topics like gravity and black holes in a simple and engaging way. Adults might even learn something themselves!