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Reluctant Reader

Reading plays an essential part in the development of every human being. Studies have shown that good literacy is a crucial feature in even the development of a country’s economy. Reading and writing skills are essential for understanding health programmes and even medication regimes. The importance of literacy cannot be overstated. Literacy also goes beyond understanding English. It helps learners comprehend problems in science, technology and even math. 

Primary resources reading skills are developed early on in life, in the formative years. During this time, it is vital to ‘mask’ reading tasks in fun activities. Fun learning is especially important for young reluctant readers. These are people who find it had to read and comprehend language. There is a wide variance in the bracket of reluctant readers. Some kids refuse to read, while others need persuasion. Reluctant readers reveal their uneasiness with text in different behaviours, all aimed at getting out of reading. Parents and teachers may notice changes in attitude whenever the child reads independently or aloud. Discovering the root of this aversion is usually a challenging task.

Research has shown that more adolescent boys are more likely to become reluctant readers than girls of the same age. Now the reason for this can be one or more of a multitude of factors. Some boys suffer from peer pressure at this age. The pressure to be accepted socially can see reluctant boy readers ditching books for other things which are perceived to be cooler. A common cause, however, has been observed to be the failure to link reading and real life. There are plenty of books for reluctant boy readers that parents can use.

To help a child overcome reluctant reading, firstly, you should identify the source of the problem. As mentioned before this is a difficult task, which requires a lot of patience and understanding. The parent or teacher should provide a primary resources reading assignment for the child. The child’s attitude towards this task is then carefully observed. What you are looking for is whether the child rejects the task altogether or instead starts doing it but then drops it when it becomes complex. It is also important to note the areas the child is finding most challenging. These might be vocabulary, comprehension or decoding. All this information is critical for choosing the correct strategies to help the child.

When the source of the reluctance has been identified, the correct primary teaching resources are then used to help the child. There are many primary resources available to reluctant readers. These resources make the reading task more engaging and less stressful to leaners. A wide variety of primary resource English language products are available online.

Books for Reluctant Readers

The textbooks available in schools are not designed with reluctant readers in mind. Young readers may find themselves disengaged from the content. Today’s learners are more used to movies, video games, technology and bold graphic content. It is easy to see why they may fail to link the content in traditional school textbooks with what their reality is. To help these learners, parents can use high-interest texts. These are books for reluctant readers designed to grasp the attention of the reader. They usually focus on delivering content which is relevant to the target age group. The look is also a far cry from traditional texts. These books have immersive images and easy to read font. The English language used is also suited to the level of the reader

Learning to read is a critical skill. Some people though find reading boring or more like torture. Some hold the belief that there is no such thing as a reluctant reader, but it’s just that one has not found the right book to read. Whatever the case may be, you may find books that are published with every reader in mind. Strategies used in these books engage the reader by using bold graphics. The content is also suited to the interests of young reluctant readers. These books come in sets which progress depending on the level of the reader. It is essential to choose the right book for the level your child when you’re buying books for reluctant readers.

Books series are useful in that they start with your child at the level they are. Reading is introduced step by step in a fun and engaging way. Vivid images make sure the young readers are intrigued. Other techniques used in these books include oversized text, colour coding and easy to read fonts. A good starting point is the Lets Read – Complete Set.

Books for Reluctant Boy Readers

Research has revealed a higher likelihood for boys to become reluctant readers. It has been shown that this reluctance is because they fail to see the purpose of reading. Their minds find it difficult to marry real-life issues to the fictional content in most texts. It is only befitting that approaches have been developed that help boys specifically. The materials used give boys practical texts which is useful to them. Examples of such text include primary resources manuals and non-fiction books.

Literacy Toys

There is a category of reluctant readers who generally refuse to read or engage in any direct reading task. Such readers require a more indirect intervention. This is where learning through play comes in. Literacy toys provide a fun and participative learning environment for kids. Toys are an indispensable tool when teaching English. The use of toys becomes even more critical when dealing with reluctant readers. The beauty of using literacy toys is that young learners do not even realise that they are learning; to them, it’s just about having fun. With literacy toys, it is truly possible to create an environment where the learners genuinely enjoy their time there. The benefits of proper reading skills cannot be overstated. With good literacy, countries can advance both socially and economically. Every learner can become an avid reader. All that is required is understanding and implementation of the correct strategies.