Let’s Read – Complete Set (8 Books)


Let’s Read – Complete Set (8 Books)


Product Code: WU706

Age: 3y+



Introduce children to reading using this unique and simple series of 8 books. Learn to recognise all the letters and sounds and to read. There are example words for all the sounds and revision pages. Reading is introduced step-by-step using a unique blending method. The books burst with real-life and vivid images that keep young learners engaged. The text is over-sized and colour-coded, and uses an easy-to-read child-friendly font. These books help easily-distracted children maintain focus. Teaching guidance included.

  • The full “Let’s Read” series
  • Recognise all the letters and sounds
  • Examples for all the sounds
  • Learn how to read words step-by-step
  • Colour-coded over-sized text with a child-friendly font
  • Real-life and vivid engaging images
  • Helps easily-distracted children maintain focus
  • Teaching guidance included
  • Buy the complete series and save

Review: “Talk about a splash of colour – these really are like having a rainbow on every page. Vibrant tones are used strategically and purposefully to draw children’s attention to a particular pattern or word feature, making each page very exciting and engaging.” – John Dabell, TeachPrimary. Read the full review here.


ISBN                            Title

9781911333241         Let’s Read – Simple Phonics

9781911333258         Let’s Read – Step-by-Step Mini Words

9781911333265         Let’s Read – Step-by-Step Bigger Words

9781911333272         Let’s Read – Double-Letter Phonics

9781911333289         Let’s Read – More Double-Letter Phonics

9781911333296         Let’s Read – Advanced Phonics

9781911333302         Let’s Read – Split Digraphs

9781911333319          Let’s Read – Silent Letters

Paperback: Each book is 32 pages

Dimensions: Each book is 15 x 20 x 0.4 cm