Let’s Read Arabic – The Sun and Moon Letters


Let’s Read Arabic – The Sun and Moon Letters


Product Code: WU028

Age: 3y+



The 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet are classified into 14 “moon letters” and 14 “sun letters”. This classification is based on how a letter at the beginning of a word affects the pronunciation of the article “ال” (the) when it is added to the word. Introduce children to the “moon letters” and “sun letters” using this unique and simple book, the eighth title in the “Let’s Read Arabic” series. The book bursts with real-life and vivid images that keep young learners engaged. The text is over-sized and colour-coded, and uses an easy-to-read child-friendly font. There are example words for every “moon letter” and “sun letter” and revision pages. This book helps easily-distracted children maintain focus. Includes English translations/transliteration. Teaching guidance in both English and Arabic is included.

  • Part of the Let’s Read Series: the highest quality comprehensive introduction to all the sounds of Arabic
  • Learn all about the Arabic “moon letters” and “sun letters”
  • Examples for all the letters
  • Colour-coded over-sized text with a child-friendly font
  • Real-life and vivid engaging images
  • Includes English translations/transliteration and bilingual teaching guidance in English and Arabic

Review (English Version): “Talk about a splash of colour – these really are like having a rainbow on every page. Vibrant tones are used strategically and purposefully to draw children’s attention to a particular pattern or word feature, making each page very exciting and engaging.” – John Dabell, TeachPrimary. Read the full review here.

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 9781911333395

Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 0.4 cm