Teaching Tips

7 Kids Telling Time Games and Resources

January 16, 2020

What time is it, Mr. Wolf? From childhood telling time games to demonstration clocks, learning to tell the time can be fun. Not to mention, telling the time is a vital skill integrated into many aspects of daily life. If you are teaching telling time and searching for free telling time worksheets, games and learning resources, check out our video above with […]

7 Cosy Winter Indoor Activities for Kids

December 22, 2019

Too cold to play outside? Though frosty walks and playing in the snow are brilliant outdoor winter activities, sometimes the weather just isn’t on your side. For those blustery winter days when stepping outside is not an option, we have compiled seven fun indoor activities that kids and adults alike will love. Feast your eyes on […]

7 Smart Gifting Tips for Children

December 14, 2019

Smart Gifting Tips – Wonderfully Fun Educational Toys and Books for Children Has anyone else noticed a growing trend of kids sitting around (both at home and when out and about) with their faces glued to a smartphone or tablet? Does anyone else get a little tiny shudder at the sight? Are we being rampant […]

7 Fine Motor Skills Activities for Kids

December 7, 2019

Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of muscles in the hands and fingers and are used when reaching, grasping and manipulating objects. Developing proficient fine motor skills enables children to become more independent in many areas of their life; from buttoning a shirt and tying a shoelace to writing and picking up objects, mastering […]

7 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

November 30, 2019

Wondering about winter craft ideas for your children? We have a solution: get crafty with DIY gift wrap this winter season. Check out 3 gift wrapping ideas in the video above, then take a look at 7 winter crafts for kids gift wrap below that will provide hours of festive fun this winter.   1. Finger Print Winter Crafts Gift Wrap […]

7 Phonics Activities for Kids

November 18, 2019

Helping children to understand and recognise the relationship between letters and sounds is an integral part of learning. Developing a solid knowledge of phonics can be extremely beneficial for speaking, writing and reading – but where to start? To make learning phonics easy, watch the snappy video above and explore 7 fun phonics activities below.    1. […]

7 Autumn Activities for Kids

November 9, 2019

It’s that time of year where the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow. You feel the crunch beneath your feet of leaves that have retired to the ground and crisp autumn air in your lungs. It is the perfect for season for outdoor adventures and crafty activities; the outside world becomes your canvas! Take a […]

7 Ways to Learn French For Kids

November 3, 2019

Is your child learning French? As mentioned in this Guardian article, studies show that children who are bilingual may show improved cognitive skills related to memory and attention. Plus, learning a second language can also help children to gain a different perspective. Watch our video above and read below about 7 ways to boost learning French […]

7 Space Science Activities for Kids

October 19, 2019

Looking for out of this world science activities for kids? We have you covered, from free space science worksheets to cool educational toys. Watch our video above and read our 7 favourite activities below to make learning about space for kids fun!  1. Space Toys & Educational Toys Educational toys such as BrainBox Space and Space Snap are entertaining card games for kids to play. Working […]

7 Ways to Learn Times Tables

October 12, 2019

As children progress through school years, they are faced with the task of learning new maths times tables. Building confidence with times tables provides children with an essential tool that improves numeracy skills. You will be pleased to know that learning times tables does not have to be difficult. Take a look at our video […]

7 Special Needs Resources for Concentration

October 6, 2019

Wondering how to improve your child’s concentration? After ensuring children have had enough sleep, food and water, there are further areas parents and teachers can explore. Kids who find it challenging to concentrate may benefit from a range of educational toys and Special Needs toys that act as tools children can use to harness their […]

Learning Fractions for Kids in 7 Easy Ways

September 21, 2019

Learning fractions can be a tricky task! Watch our video above for fraction tips and read our 7 easy ways to learn about fractions below. We discuss free fractions worksheets, entertaining fraction games and ideas that improve children’s understanding of fractions. Even better, kids will have lots of fun with these educational activities. Learning Fractions […]