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7 Autumn Activities for Kids

November 9, 2019

It’s that time of year where the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange, red and yellow. You feel the crunch beneath your feet of leaves that have retired to the ground and crisp autumn air in your lungs. It is the perfect for season for outdoor adventures and crafty activities; the outside world becomes your canvas! Take a look at our video above to see creative autumn crafts for kids and read our blogpost below for 7 cosy autumn activities for kids.  

1. Autumn Colour Sorting Forest School Activities

Autumn produces a wonderful array of colourful trees, with leaves turning mesmerising shades of orange, red, purple and yellow. For kids learning their colours, this provides the ideal opportunity to consolidate knowledge of coloursChildren can head outside with containers and collect as many colourful leaves possible (ideally ones that have already fallen to the ground) from the garden, local park or forest. Once children have their selection of leaves, they can practice sorting them into different groups by colour. Download our free Autumn Leaves Colour Matching Activity for bright colour splash sheets. These free worksheets are perfect for forest school activities. Children can also group the leaves by size and texture. 

2. Fingerprint Tree Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Look outside the window or go exploring and find a lovely autumnal tree to inspire artwork! Using educational toys such as poster paints and their fingers, children can print leaves onto tree outlines to create stunning masterpieces. You can download our free autumn tree template here. Crafty autumn activities for toddlers such as fingerprinting are excellent for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and colour recognition in children.

3. Whirligigs Autumn Crafts for Kids

Kids can draw out their creative side with this Autumn Whirligigs activity. After selecting a variety of autumnal leaves, children can develop fine motor skills as they carefully cut around the swirling whirligig and improve colour recognition when choosing leaves and which colour to paint their whirligig. Watch our video above to see a step-by-step guide for creating autumn craft ideas such as these whirligigs.  

4. Cosy Autumn Nature Books and Toys

With temperatures dropping and days getting shorter, why not get cosy with a nature-inspired book? Make hot chocolates, grab a blanket and curl up with these stunning books about nature. From stargazing and watching squirrels to baking a scrumptious berry crumble, A First Book of Nature is a glorious reminder of the natural world that is right on our doorstep. Children can discover their inner explorer with The Woodland Book, a beautifully illustrated guide to the wildlife, plants, history and magic of woodlands. Alternatively, try a fictional storybook such as Fox in the Night, which introduces children to the concepts of light and dark. Looking for an autumn themed toy? Lottie Doll Autumn Leaves has a realistic body shape to empower children and encourage creative role play. 

5.  Leaf Printing Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Here’s another one of our autumn craft ideas! Find a range of different leaves in all shapes and sizes, then paint them with poster paints. Choose autumnal colours to match leaves outside and carefully print onto a piece of paper or card to create gorgeous handmade cards. This is a lovely activity to boost fine-motor skills, hand-eye coordination and colour recognition for children.   

6. Outdoor Toys for Forest School Activities

Sunny autumnal days are ideal for outdoor adventures and forest school activities! Pull on your wellies and try out some of these fantastic outdoor educational toys. Use outdoor toys such as these amazing Kidnoculars that encourage STEM-based observation of nature and animals, with built in audio. Inspect the great outdoors with handy educational toys such as this easy-hold magnifying glass that promotes understanding of the world. Children may also enjoy gardening and raking leaves with a Long Handled Rake

7. Online Resources for Autumn

Children can learn all about cute autumn animals, such as foxes, badgers and hedgehogs with CBeebies. Plus, check out this BBC Teach activity about different types of leaves, which also provides teacher and curriculum notes to support learning and lesson planning. Online resources are a great way to make screen time, learning time and help children to develop a range of skills. 

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