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7 Gift Wrapping Ideas for Kids

November 30, 2019

Wondering about winter craft ideas for your children? We have a solution: get crafty with DIY gift wrap this winter season. Check out 3 gift wrapping ideas in the video above, then take a look at 7 winter crafts for kids gift wrap below that will provide hours of festive fun this winter.  

1. Finger Print Winter Crafts Gift Wrap

Little hands will enjoy getting messy for this winter crafts activity using eco brown wrapping paper and poster paints. Finger printing is excellent for promoting hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, as it requires children to control the muscles in their hands. Plus, using a variety of paints can improve colour recognition. Children can design a beautiful masterpiece by carefully dipping their fingers into the paint, then gently pressing down onto the wrapping paper. From rainbow coloured flowers to wintery red berries, children can  use their finger prints to create stunning gift wrap with a personalised touch. Top tip: leave the paint to dry fully before wrapping any gifts! If you are trying to find gifts for kids who love using their hands to paint, check out kids learning toys like this finger printing book. 

2. Dried Orange Gift Wrapping Ideas  

In addition to being a tasty snack, oranges are also fabulous when gift wrapping! Slice your orange into even slices, around 1-2cm thick and pat with a cloth to drain some of the juice. Place on a baking tray in the oven for about 3 hours on a low heat of 120°C. Keep checking and turning the oranges every 30 minutes. Whilst baking, the oranges will fill your house with a lovely citrus aroma, which is perfect for the winter season! To use the dried oranges, try winter crafts for kids gift wrapping. Children can thread a dried orange slice onto a piece of string and use to wrap presents. Check out our video above to see how. Moreover, threading helps children to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, making this winter crafts activity beneficial to kids of all ages. Not only this, but children will also be able to practice tying a bow, which may come in handy for those learning to tie their shoelaces 

3. Celebration Bunting Gift Wrap  

Learning about shapes? Kids can practice their shape knowledge with this celebration bunting wrapping paper. Children can draw several triangles with a height of 3-4cm. This is great for encouraging kids to use a ruler and discuss how to draw triangles of equal size. Carefully cut out the triangles and piece of string to stretch diagonally across your wrapped gift. Stick the ends of the string to the paper using tape, then glue each triangle along the string. Take a look at the video above to see this in action. Further your child’s understanding of geometry with EDX educational toys like GeoStix, a kit that is packed with shape activities. 

4. Animal Themed Gift Wrapping Ideas

Does your child or a child you know love animals? Gifting is a personalised experience, as you select the perfect gifts for kids, so why not make the wrapping paper personal too? Children can create cute animals by drawing their features onto gift wrap. Metallic solid poster paints are brilliant for drawing on gift wrap as they do not wrinkle paper and dry quickly – not to mention, the metallic colours create a magical effect! Children can use marvellous kids learning toys such as Step by Step Drawing Animals, an engaging book that helps complete beginners learn how to draw all kinds of animals from cats and foxes to koalas and gorillas.  

5. Snow Gift Wrap Winter Crafts for Toddlers  

Searching for easy winter crafts for toddlers? This activity uses three simple items: white poster paint, a sponge paintbrush (or cotton wool balls) and brown gift wrap. Using a sponge paint brush, dip into the paint and press onto the wrapping paper to create a snow effect. Winter crafts like this are ideal for the winter season! You can apply this to any season by changing the colour of the paint to produce polka dot gift wrap. Winter crafts for toddlers like this activity support little ones by strengthening their hand muscles and improving fine-motor skills. Additionally, these activities can also help kids to recognise and make patterns. Toddlers who love snow will enjoy this activity! 

6. Outdoor Winter Crafts for Kids  

Get wrapped up in your warm winter gear and head outside for a scavenger hunt! Children can collect leaves, sprigs of holly and twigs to use for winter crafts. Practice learning colours with this amazing colour sorting activity, which you can download for free on our Free Resources Hub. Children can then use the leaves, sprigs and twigs to spruce up their gift wrap, by sticking or threading onto a piece of string and wrapping around the gift. This is a wonderful opportunity to combine outdoor learning and winter crafts for kids

7. Eco Gift Wrapping Ideas  

Repurposing items around the house is fantastic for winter craft ideas and can be applied to wrapping gifts. Children can upcycle their drawings, coloured paper, ribbons and string to use for gift wrapping. If you are looking for eco toys to gift, browse our range of ethical toys made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, rubber wood, recycled plastic and non-toxic inks. 

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