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7 Space Science Activities for Kids

October 19, 2019

Looking for out of this world science activities for kids? We have you covered, from free space science worksheets to cool educational toys. Watch our video above and read our 7 favourite activities below to make learning about space for kids fun! 

1. Space Toys & Educational Toys

Educational toys such as BrainBox Space and Space Snap are entertaining card games for kids to play. Working in groups, children develop listening and turn-taking skills, whilst enjoying learning about space. Interested in star-gazing? Young explorers will love this lightweight telescope that pairs perfectly with this Lottie Doll. For space toys and STEM resourcescool projects such as creating a Super Moon Torch, a Solar System Planetarium and Space Slide Projector will capture your child’s interest. These STEM toys encourage children to explore traditional skills and scientific thinking, whilst using their imagination. Alternatively, why not try and recreate the night sky in your child’s room? Use glow in the dark stars and it will seem like you are sleeping under star light every night.  

2. Space Arts & Crafts 

Little astronauts can get creative with delightful art activities such as Mould & Paint Space. This best selling craft kit is packed with a range of space objects to paint, including 2 rockets, an alien, planet and astronaut. Not only does this kit promote imaginative thinking, but moulding and painting the object will also help kids to improve their motor skills. Alternatively, to create your own rocket using items around the house, watch our video above!  

3. Free Space Science Worksheets 

Find a growing range of free primary resources science worksheets on our Free Resources Hub. For example, this Ordering Planets activity is one of our space science worksheets, helping children to learn about the order of the eight planets in the solar system. Children also practice cutting and sticking, which can help with the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Similarly, this Planet Matching Game is beautifully designed with captivating illustrations of each planet and makes learning about the solar system fun and easy. Differentiated for all abilities, these science worksheets also include answer sheets and are excellent space activities for kids. 

4. Space Science Experiments at Home – Space Toys for Kids

Learn all about the planet we live on with this entertaining Kitchen Science kit, packed with science experiments to do at home. For example, create a baking soda volcano with bubbling lava or launch a rocket with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar! Combine space and science experiments at home with this Moon Craters experiment using marbles and hot chocolate or flour to demonstrate how the moon’s craters were created. This experiment can also support learning about gravity, as children can drop the marbles from different heights to see the impact of gravity on the size of each crater. Find more STEM resources, space toys for kids and primary resources science here

5. Primary Science Space Books for Kids

Browse our brilliant range of primary science space books and expand your knowledge of all things outer space! Inquisitive cosmic kids will enjoy Space in 30 Seconds, discovering attention-grabbing facts about space. Blast through the galaxy and explore space whilst singing along to a rocking beat with Space Song Rocket Ride. Love dinosaurs and space? Follow a group of dinosaurs on their cosmic journey and find out they can make to the moon in Dinosaur Rocket! Older kids may like this informative book about space that is filled to the brim with 100 fascinating facts and bright, infographic illustrations.  

6. Online Space Lessons  

Searching for online lessons to support learning about space for kids? Delve deep into the depths of space with online lessons and activities from NASA & the BBC. How old are the galaxies? Is there ice on other planets? How big is the Sun? Find out the answers to all these questions and more. Watch interesting videos about space with Bitesize clips or cruise around the surface of Mars using a rover to collect information about different rocks with this game 

7. Sensory Play Space Activities for Kids

Sensory play activities burst with fun because kids can get messy… On purpose! For kids who love slime, have a go at making this stretchy universe slime. Alternatively, fill a large bowl with water and use Handy ScoopersClaw Grabbers or Gator Grabber Tweezers to catch stars and rocks. Similarly, you can swap the water for colourful sand to create a sensory space bin. These space activities for kids are excellent for helping children to develop a number of early skills, including hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

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