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7 Free Resources for Home Learning

April 22, 2020

In the wake of Coronavirus, many families are now home schooling their children. To help make the transition into home education easier, WordUnited have hundreds of free resources available to download for home learning. Simply select the resource required, download and print from any device. Read below about the different types of resources available and remember to take a look at the above video to see the resources in action! 

1. Free Primary Resources English Worksheets  

Kids practicing their ABCs? Alphabet handwriting sheets are perfect for developing pen-control whilst also learning different letters. Check out interesting handwriting sheets, such as Colour by Letters, Colour and Trace Letters and Alphabet Matching Activity. Know your ‘f’ from your ‘ph’ with Phase 3 phonics worksheets and flashcards that are beautifully designed with engaging colours, captivating illustrations and easily readable fonts. Laminate and cut out the flashcards to use again and again! Alternatively, children can practice spelling using this free printable – plus, if laminated, children can use a wipe-clean pen and use the resource multiple times. 

2. Free Board Games and Activities  

Make home learning fun with free printable board games! Playing games helps children to develop social skills such as turn taking, in addition to improving cognition, logical thinking and problem solving skills. Kids can play Fraction Dominoes, Matching Planets Game or Emotions Board Game. Alongside these free teaching resources, discover more puzzles and games here. Boost IQ with Smart Games IQ Stars, enjoy a modern spin on a classic with Gigamic Quixo or a colourful game of Quirkle 

3. Free Colouring Sheets and Resources  

Does your child love colouring sheets? In addition to being a fun, calming activity, colouring sheets help children to develop pen control, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children can also learn the names of colours as they create their masterpiece. Choose from a growing selection of colouring sheets for your little one, including germs, unicorns, animals and spring worksheets. These bookmarks to colour are also wonderful and can be used when reading after children have finished the colouring activity. In need of some new colouring pencils? WordUnited has you covered! Try chunky triangular colouring pencils, easy-grip first crayons or solid poster paint pens. 

4. Free Primary Resources Maths Worksheets 

Time for maths? Choose from a range of fun math worksheets to help children learn numeracy skills. Whether children are learning to tell time, remember times tables or understand money values, you will find plenty of resources to keep your child’s mind active with our printable math worksheets. Why not also add some primary resources maths toys and books to complement free printable math worksheets? Designed for hands-on play, exploration and engaging learning experiences, numeracy educational toys support math worksheets brilliantly.  

5. Free MFL Worksheets  

For children learning a second language, you can find free teaching resources such as MFL worksheets for home learning on our Free Resources Hub. For French worksheets, try Shapes Matching Activity, Fruits in French or French Colour Wheel spinning wheel. Browse more French worksheets here. If your child is learning Arabic, you can print free Arabic worksheets about numbers and colours. Alternatively, kids who are learning Spanish may benefit from Spanish worksheets, such as these Colour and Trace Letter activities. Explore heaps more language learning resources at WordUnited 

6. Free Primary Resources Science Worksheets  

Nurture scientific skills with free primary resources science worksheets. Teach children all about germs during COVID-19 with this colouring sheet and this sorting activity. Similarly, demonstrate the best hand washing technique with this sequencing activity. Such activities are ideal for explaining germs and viruses such as Coronavirus. Little astronauts fascinated by space? Learn how to order the planets with this interesting cut and stick activity. WordUnited’s science worksheets correspond well with a range of science toys for kids! From STEM toys to science books, find what you are looking for here. 

7. Free Geography Worksheets and History Worksheets  

Young explorers can discover the world with geography worksheets! Differentiated for all abilities, kids can learn about different continents with Continents Matching Activity. Likewise, try a European Countries Wordsearch and embed knowledge of countries in Europe. Alternatively, learn about Vikings, Romans, dinosaurs and more with free history worksheets. 

Check out BBC Bitesize for daily home learning lessons during COVID-19 and Home Education UK for home schooling support. You can also discover more online learning resources in response to the Coronavirus on the Publishers Association website. Head to for hundreds of free printables and thousands of educational toys, resources and books! Parents and teachers can contact [email protected] with requests to create free resources.

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