Times Table Grid – 1-12 Times Tables (Display)

This bright and colourful times table grid is useful for children to learn multiplication, square numbers and recurring patterns. The colour-coded code times table square makes multiplication easier for children that learn visually. An excellent addition for lessons centred around multiplication and division and an essential multiplication square. Clear and engaging, this is the definitive multiplication grip to make learning times tables easy and fun.


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Learning times tables is a fundamental skill for young children. When tackling the task of mastering tables and building confidence in numeracy skills, it’s always beneficial for parents and educators to have access to fun, simple resources and techniques. The times table grid is a bright, colourful tool, which can be implemented during the early and advanced stages of learning times tables. An accessible multiplication grid makes learning tables fun, easy, and stress-free for young children.

Introducing the times table grid

The Times Tables Grid is a times tables square, which is designed to teach children to master the art of reciting tables and understanding multiplication. Using colour-coded squares in a grid pattern, children can use the vertical and horizontal columns and rows to work out sums and gradually build their confidence. The times table grid printable provides an appealing, engaging visual resource, which breaks down multiplication into digestible chunks. Rather than listening to a teacher or a parent talking about times tables or rattling through numbers verbally, the multiplication square acts as a visual cue, which simplifies the process of learning. The table grid can also be used to reinforce other learning techniques.

This bright and colourful multiplication table display is useful for children to learn multiplication, square numbers and recurring patterns. It is colour-coded, which makes multiplication easier for children that learn visually. Excellent addition for lessons centred around multiplication and division.

The benefits of using a multiplication grid

Learning times tables is something most adults remember when they think of their earliest school days, but the memories that come flooding back are not always positive. The Times Table Grid is designed to eliminate the stress of mastering multiplication, providing children with access to a very straightforward and basic tool, which is incredibly effective. Usually different colours and a simple row and column layout, children can work out calculations from the simplest sums to more complex multiplications. Times table grid printables can be used at school, as well as outside of the classroom, and children can use them as a reference if they’re struggling with mental arithmetic, or they’re embarking on learning a new number pattern.

Ways to make learning times tables fun for children

Many of us have fond memories of lessons at school purely because they were fun. We tend to gloss over hours spent looking through textbooks in favour of recalling classes that were a bit quirkier or more engaging. While the subject matter of times tables may not be as intriguing or interesting as rockets and space travel or conjuring up new potions in a science lab, this doesn’t mean that learning has to be dull. There are several ways to make learning times tables fun for children, including:

  • Maths and numeracy games

There are few things that bring smiles to faces in a classroom like the mention of the word ‘game.’ Playing educational games is an excellent way to get kids involved in learning and to ensure they’re enthusiastic about different subjects and topics. Games are also an excellent way of encouraging children to digest and remember information, and they can act as valuable cues. One example is the 5 times table game, which helps children to learn their 5 times tables, and also hones fine motor and matching and recognition skills. Magic Maths is another great option for children aged over 5.

  • Worksheets and activities

The notion of practice makes perfect is particularly pertinent when learning times tables. The more often you do sums, and recite your times tables, the easier it becomes to make calculations quickly and easily. Worksheets are a brilliant resource for children to use at home, as well as at school. Using activity sheets, you can focus on different numbers, for example, the 8 Times Table worksheet. Worksheets encourage children to concentrate on their times tables, and you can also provide feedback when marking or correcting the answers, which will help to eliminate mistakes and errors in the future.

  • BBC Bitesize Maths

BBC Bitesize Maths is a fantastic free online resource, which provides access to all kinds of learning tools and techniques for children of all ages. Children are growing up in a world where technology is an integral part of day-to-day life, and BBC Bitesize offers a range of content types that are geared towards contemporary ways of learning. Video clips, online tutorials, and fun graphics and animations are combined with web-based activities and worksheets to provide an interactive learning experience that is designed to encourage children to have fun while learning.

  • Maths toys, books and songs

Children love to play with toys, and play can be an incredibly useful and valuable learning method. Almost every toy imaginable can help a child to learn something new, but when attempting to improve multiplication skills, there are some multiplication resources that are particularly impressive. Examples include the Usborne Times Tables Activity Pad, Usborne’s Wipe Clean times tables book, and Usborne Multiplication Flash Cards. It’s also a great idea to use maths songs to make classes more fun and varied.

Learning times tables can be fun! Using a times tables grid, maths songs, games, and toys, and taking advantage of online resources, it is possible to simplify multiplication and ensure kids love practising their tables. On you can read more on how to help children learn multiplication, watch inspirations videos and download free resources.