Fraction Dominoes

This colourful fractions dominoes game makes learning fractions fun and easy. Match the fractions with the pictures and make an unbroken fraction loop! Watch how to use this simplest of fractions games in this video!


Learning Skills

Mathematical Skills

Observational Skills

Social Skills


Preparing this Fraction Game

Print this fraction game, ideally on three A4 pages, single-sided and in colour. Laminating the sheets will help make them last longer. Cut the fraction dominoes peices around the lines. Can be played by one player, or in a small group. Arrange the dominoes peices by taking turns to match the pictures with the correct fractions.

Fraction Games Fun = Fraction Dominoes

One of the easiest fraction games! Can you make a loop of unbroken fraction dominoes? Parents and teachers love this excellent fraction game while can be used at home or in the classroom. This fractions game supports this National Curriculum requirement for KS1 and KS2 Maths: Pupils should be taught to recognise, find and name fractions.

Fraction Games + Fractions Worksheets + Fraction Resources = Limitless Fun Learning Fractions for Kids

Learning fractions for kids is fun and easy when you use a multi-sensory approach. Use math worksheets including fractions worksheets to help children practice fractions. Combine this with the free fraction wall and fraction games KS2 and activities, which engage children and support the National Curriculum. All these resources are free to download, print, use and share. For hands-on resources, explore magnetic fractions, fraction tiles and more. If you like this dominoes game, you will enjoy this fraction dominoes too. Watch a video on learning fractions for kids and read tips to help children learn fractions on this blog.