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Books for kids learning to read and educational books for kids. Kid’s learning books allow developing imagination, concentration and empathy. Books are also brilliant resources that can nurture children’s understanding of the world. There are heaps of page-turners just waiting to be taken off the bookshelf!


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From workbooks that help children learn about an academic subject to fun bedtime stories for kids with pictures, which one will you choose? Below, we tell you our top educational books for kids. These include children’s picture books, science books for kids, bedtime stories for kids with pictures and the best picture books of all time.


For a remarkable book capturing the loveliness all around us, check out A First Book of Nature, one of the best picture books of all time, with its charming illustrations and facts about topics like stargazing, animals and seasons. Or, for kids who are mesmerised by cars, All Kinds of Cars is a partly true, partly fictitious example of one of the best picture books of all time about cars and other wacky forms of transportation. Get lost in bedtime stories for kids with pictures such as Deep in the Woods and The Long Winter’s Sleep.


Not only do educational books for kids spark curiosity and imagination, they also have an impact on cognitive development. When children read (or are read to), they are exposed to new vocabulary and begin to develop early literacy skills. Literacy books can include workbooks that encourage children to learn about phonics, letters and handwriting skills as well as reading schemes in which children are exposed to new words and scenarios. For example, children can practice their handwriting skills with Beginner’s Cursive Handwriting, knuckle down with an English Revision Guide or have fun learning about grammar with a wipe-clean book. When it comes to reading schemes, we have plenty to choose from – why not take a look at well renowned reading programmes by Usborne, Raintree, Egmont and Scholastic.


There are some fabulous educational books for kids to help children develop their numeracy skills. Engaging books such as This is Not Another Maths Book and Times Tables Activity Pad are enjoyable ways for little ones to practice their Maths exercises. Similarly, My Granny Went to Market is a colourful rhyming story that teaches children how to count to ten in an entertaining way. There are also interesting 3D cube books, including this one, which covers times tables from 1 to 12.


Interested in learning 100 facts in just one book? The 100 Things series of science books for kids are fascinating and accessible for young minds to learn about topics such as Science, Coding, Spaceand the Human Body. Moreover, discover all about units of measurements with this handy little activity book or delve into fast-track facts about life-changing inventions such as flushing toilets and the internet. Alternatively, lift the flap to see inside How Things Work, from car engines to microwaves, or go green and read all about recycling with our excellent selection of science books for kids.


Learn Arabic, French, Spanish and German using wipe-clean flashcards with vivid images, or practice Arabic and English with comprehensive phonic books. Translate French and English with this lovely little picture dictionary or learn first Mandarin words with this interactive listen and learn book.


With the “Histronauts”, children will love learning about the adventures of Romans and Egyptians. For kids who like Geography, take a look at this stunning World Atlas and embark on a trip around the planet! Additionally, My First Picture Atlas contains beautifully illustrated maps to help children explore their world. Learn about animal migration with Amazing Animal Journeys or increase your flag knowledge with this fabulous jigsaw puzzle book. When learning about religion and culture, Hats of Faith and Special Celebrations Around the World are great children’s picture books to read.


Get creative with art and sticker educational books for kids! For example, this Art Activity Book from the STEAM series helps children to communicate their ideas visually and Drawing Cartoons consists of simple step-by-step instructions explaining the techniques necessary for cartoon and comic-strip drawing. Make your own sticker book whilst learning about British History and Nature with intriguing educational books for kids. Calm the mind and body using these adorable Mindful Kids and Yoga Pretzels flashcards.


From pram books and soft books to toddler’s board books and first reads, we have you covered for children’s picture books! Inquisitive toddlers will enjoy learning their ABC’s with this sturdy board book or finding out about different animals with this sound, touch and feel word book. For prams, why not try this buggy book, an adaption of the popular ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ series. If it’s soft children’s picture books you’re searching for, Lion and Wild Animals makes the perfect bedtime soft book for babies and extends to reveal a banner of colourful pages with adorable animal characters.