Fraction Wall

This Fraction Wall display is free to print and use as a visually stimulating fraction resources. As a primary resources maths printable, laminating this fraction wall will help making it durable.


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Fraction Wall

Learning math is not always as simple as people believe, and children might find it difficult to learn their fractions. However, WordUnited has designed a brilliant resource to help kids learn their fractions with some excellent primary resources that can be used by both teachers and parents!

Fraction Wall – A Bright and Fun Maths Resource

Welcome to this colourful fraction wall for making learning fractions for kids fun! This free printable rainbow fractions wall helps children learn fractions with ease plus it will look great on any classroom, or home, wall. The fraction wall has each fraction colour-coded in bright rainbow colours.

Fraction Wall Can Help Us All

One of the best things about using fraction wall is that it is simple to understand. Learning fractions doesn’t have to be a drag or boring; it can be fun. Fraction wall helps children to learn their fractions using bright colors to help kids memorize and learn this without much of a hassle at all. This can be printed out and put up in a classroom, or on a wall at home so that kids are constantly looking at it and learning even when they don’t realise it!

When we are actively trying to learn something, sometimes our brain focuses too much on trying to retain the information that we end up forgetting what we have learned. However, if you put the fraction wall up somewhere in your home or in the classroom, kids will be taking in this information without even noticing that this is what they are doing. Soon, they will be able to do their fractions with no issues.

Fraction Wall – Helpful with Math Worksheets

As well as this, fraction wall can be a useful learning aid when used in conjunction with math worksheets. Whether this is a normal fraction worksheet or an equivalent fraction worksheet, they can just look over at the wall and get the help that they are looking for. Or, if you are looking for something a little more exciting for them to do, then maths fraction games are a great way to get an entire class engaged in learning this important skill! Make sure that fraction wall is readily available to those who are playing the game so that they can use this learning aid to help them win.

Excellent Primary Resources Maths Printable

Making fractions for kids fun is not an easy task, but when you use this learning resource with others it can become quite the fun exercise. There is a variety of different primary resources that you can use, such as fraction worksheets and making use of fun fraction math games that you can think of. When it comes to finding these resources, you can look online to find a variety of ideas, or you could even come up with a few yourself. Whatever gets the kids engaging in fractions, and using fraction wall to help them get there is a winner!

Fraction Wall KS2

An essential primary resources maths sheet, this fraction wall printable supports the following National Curriculum requirements for KS1 and KS2 maths:

1) Recognise, find, name and write fractions
2) Write simple fractions

Maths Worksheets for Fractions

Use this fractions wall in conjunction with other fractions worksheets pdf and fractions games. A free printable fraction game is this fraction dominoes where children can make unbroken dominoes loops by matching pictures to fractions.

Fraction Wall and Equivalent Fractions Worksheet

This fraction wall can help children relate equivalent fractions and is a versatile resources when used in conjunction with our Let’s Colour equivalent fractions worksheet here as well as this Look & Write equivalent fractions worksheet.

Fraction Wall Activity

An engaging fraction activity with fraction wall is to cut colourful fraction pieces and paste them on a fraction wall, as in this free Fraction Wall Cut & Paste resource.

Fraction Wall, KS2 Maths Worksheets and Fraction Resources

A mix of math worksheets, including KS2 maths worksheets, fractions resources and number toys when used together can make learning fractions for kids a tangible and fun experience for children, helping them relate the abstract mathematical concepts to tangible and concrete objects.

Primary Resources Maths Ideas – Making Fractions for Kids Fun

Read our blog about making fractions for kids fun, and be inspired by the numerous primary resources maths activities. Watch the Let’s Learn Fractions video, which is full of snappy maths ideas, including free maths worksheets and fractions games.

A Fraction Wall Makes Fractions Easy

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know more about fraction wall and some of the useful things that it can do for kids. Learning fractions doesn’t have to be difficult, and by using colours to help the learning process, fraction wall will help your children learn their fractions easy as A, B, C.