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Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes – Equivalency Set (51 Pieces)

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Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes – Equivalency Set (51 Pieces)


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Age: 3y+

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Learning Resources Fraction Tower Cubes – Equivalency Set (51 Pieces)

This visual equivalency cube set is ideal for helping young maths learners understand and visualise fraction concepts and equivalencies through the colour-coded pieces. The durable, interlocking cubes allow children to build simple and easy to understand mathematical models. The colour-coded, hands-on Fraction Tower helps children reinforce connections between equivalent amounts in different shapes. All Rainbow Fraction products use the same colours illustrate each fraction: Red = 1, Pink = ½ Orange = ⅓, Yellow = ¼ , Green = ⅕, Teal = ⅙, Blue = ⅛, Purple = 1/10 and Black = 1/12. This set is suitable for developing a range of hands-on fraction and equivalency skills as well as being a useful maths accessory.

  • Help children to visualise and understand fraction concepts!
  • Hands-on learning set provides young learners with a visual representation of fractions
  • Cubes feature fractions, decimals and percentages so young learners can clearly visualise equivalencies
  • Colour-coded cubes allow children to manipulate fractions
  • Feature fractions 1/12, 1/10, ⅛, ⅙, ⅕, ¼, ⅓, ½ and 1 whole and their decimal and percentage equivalency
  • Set of 51 includes enough cubes of each fraction to create a whole
  • Great for home use or in the classroom
  • Activity guide here

Product Size: One complete rod is 12 cm high. Box is 20.6 x 18.3 x 5.3 cm

Let’s Make Learning Fractions for Kids Fun!

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Fraction Wall

These fractions towers are ideal to use with other resources such as WordUnited’s free fraction wall display and the free Build a Fraction Wall cut and paste activity.

Math Worksheets & Fractions worksheets

Download free maths worksheets at WordUnited’s Free Resources Hub here such as the equivalent fractions worksheet and other fractions worksheets.

Fraction Games

One of  easy to prepare fraction games is Fraction Dominoes. You can make your own Fraction Dominoes using WordUnited’s free Fraction Dominoes printables. Print and laminate the printables and follow the simple instructions shown in this video.

From fractions worksheets to fractions games, we hope you will find a free math sheet that will help your child learn while having fun.