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5 Benefits of Wooden Toys for Your Child

May 11, 2019

When it comes to selecting toys for children, there is plenty of choice. Many toys tend to be made from two main materials: plastic and wood. Though both have their benefits, this post will be discussing positive reasons to choose wooden toys. Below you will find five main benefits of choosing wooden eco toys for sustainable play.

1. Wooden Toys Encourage Imagination

Children can choose from realistic wooden toys that replicate real-life items such as wooden food, vehicles and household items, or from simpler ones such as blocks and geometric shapes. Toys made out of woodinspire imagination in children; pretend play wooden toys can encourage role play, whilst the more simplistic wooden toys may stimulate a completely imaginative play where the wooden shapes can represent anything the child envisages. Made from sustainable wood in Germany, this cheerful car run track with small wooden cars is perfect for fans of Marble Run! In addition to developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination, the beautiful colours stimulate creativity and help form the basis of early scientific thinking about forces, speed and motion. Other fun wooden toys include junior toolboxes, train sets, wooden food and kitchen equipment. With heuristic play sets of basic shapes, the lack of pre-conceived purposes means children are required to stretch their imagination in creative ways, sparking curiosity. With magical triangles, children can endlessly rearrange the shapes to create patterns, whilst developing mathematical and observational skills.

2. Wooden Toys Are Safe

Wooden toys are designed to be safe for children to play with. Most toys made out of wooddo not break easily, nor do they tend to have sharp edges. Many brands aim to use non-toxic materials from the wood to the paint. When it comes to little ones who like to chew toys, these natural materials provide peace of mind. For example, this eco baby car is made using water-based dyes, non-formaldehyde glue and organic colour pigments. For kids who like stacking shapes, why not try this cute mouse stacking ring or a space-themed stacking rocket for budding astronauts!

3. Wooden Toys Are Eco Friendly

Many wooden toys are designed with sustainable play in mind. Brands use many natural materials and produce the eco toys in environmentally conscious ways. Such eco materials include PEFC certified wood, reclaimed rubber wood, sustainable bamboo and compressed sawdust. Even the glue, dyes and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly in many cases. For example, this chunky Fair Trade giraffe puzzle is made from rubber wood and is amongst the many eco toys providing sustainable play for kids who are learning how to count. For sensory eco toys, check out these bright tactile stress balls or practice musical skills with a solid tympanic drum.

4. Wooden Toys Are Durable

For toys that transcend generations, look no further. Toys made out of woodare both timeless and durable. They have been trendy for decades and are extremely versatile, being used for both fun and learning. If they are made from quality wood, wooden toys often remain relatively undamaged. They can be passed down through generations, used with multiple children and are often easy to clean. Have fun with wooden dominoes, traditional or transport themed. For maths skills, learn how to tell the time with this resourceful wooden clock or practice counting with a colourful rainbow bead abacus.

5. Wooden Toys Build Motor Skills

Wooden toys are available in all shapes and sizes. As children learn how to manipulate the toys, they strengthen the muscles in their hands to improve fine motor skills. This enables them to develop a good grip, which may help to develop pre-writing skills. Younger children can build motor skills with larger wooden blocks, whilst older children can practice threading beads and completing puzzles. Little hands can practice grasping and stacking with this unique selection of building blocks, containing optical and acoustic sensory blocks to stimulate the senses whilst developing motor skills. Older children may enjoy threading beads using counting dragons or creating patterns with this lacing ring. Kids can improve their shape knowledge with puzzles and enjoy this wooden wiggle snake as a fidget toy.  Have fun with friends with Pick-A-Berry, whilst developing fine motor skills.

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