TickiT Sensory Blocks (16 Bricks) – Sensory Toy


TickiT Sensory Blocks (16 Bricks) – Sensory Toy


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Age: 3y+

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TickiT Sensory Blocks (16 Bricks) – Award Winning Sensory Toy

Winner of the Practical Pre-School Gold Award and the Education Resources Award

These 16 large rubber wood blocks contain beads, transparent acrylic, coloured sand and water/glitter filled pockets in 4 different shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and semicircle). The Sensory Blocks will promote observation in the wider sense, as all the shapes follow the same convention of colour and shape. So for example, regardless of the contents of the block the squares are always red. The combination of smooth wood exterior and the brightly coloured sensory centre makes a fascinating component with a multitude of educational possibilities for use with children of all ages.

Each of the four shapes (square, rectangle, triangle and semicircle) comes in a single colour with 4 sensory variations for a wonderful, colourful effect. For example, squares are always red and each shape includes bead-filled, transparent solid, water/glitter and sand-filled versions. The bright colours, different sounds and smooth surfaces of these beautifully-designed blocks combine for an exceptional toddler learning resource.

You can use these Sensory Blocks with a light panel to explore colour and texture combinations.

  • 16 rubberwood blocks
  • 4 colours and shapes (Red square, Blue rectangle, Green triangle, Yellow semi-circle)
  • 4 sensory fills (beads, transparent acrylic, water/glitter and sand)
  • Develops understanding the world and learning about colour-mixing and light
  • Promotes fine motor skills, observational skills and mathematical skills (shapes)
  • Encourages creativity
  • Perfect for construction and sensory play
  • Suitable from 18m+

Product Size: The rectangle is 14 x 7 x 4 cm