TickiT Wooden Rainbow Architect Squares Eco Toy (Nesting Puzzle)


TickiT Wooden Rainbow Architect Squares Eco Toy (Nesting Puzzle)


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Age: 3y+

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TickiT Wooden Rainbow Architect Squares Eco Toy (Nesting Puzzle – Stacking Blocks)

“Outstanding resource with endless learning opportunities.” – NW Awards 2019 (Prime Areas)

“A timeless resource that we look forward to using with the children for many years to come!” – NW Awards 2019 (Creativity)

Beautifully coloured natural beechwood hollow squares, in graduated sizes for nesting and in the 7 colours of the rainbow. The inner block is a solid 3D semicircle. Ideal for construction and imaginative play: to build sculptural structures; to design areas for filling with small world play people or animals; exploring size and scale; using mathematical terms such as larger, smaller, taller and steeper. This eco toy also improves language skills and broadening vocabulary as childen describe their activities in action. Also available in triangles, rectangles and arches.

  • A beautiful, natural eco toy for toddlers
  • These rainbow architect sets are stained with safety compliant colours that enable children to still see the natural grain of the beechwood
  • Encourage confidence and creativity
  • Designed for open-ended play, your toddler will delight in discovering their own unique uses of these squares.
  • Assist early development: give your toddler or child The opportunity to practice hand-eye coordination, colour and shape recognition and their imagination with these rainbow blocks!
  • Introduce stem skills: these rainbow stacking blocks are ideal for introducing stem concepts. Construction, spatial reasoning skills, patterning and more!
  • Promotes fine motor skills, observational skills and mathematical skills (shapes)
  • Perfect for construction and sensory play
  • Suitable from 12 months old

Product Size: Heights: 4 cm, 5.8 cm, 7.6 cm, 9.4 cm, 11.2 cm, 13 cm and 14.8 cm. Wall thickness 0.8 cm x 4 cm.