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Explore our range of  sensory and messy play toys to help children learn whilst playing!


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Sensory toys and messy play are buzzwords any parent is familiar with. Among benefits like bonding, sensory and messy play activities for babies and toddlers can bring benefits including:

  • Building nerve connections
  • Supporting language development, cognitive growth, motor skills, and social interactions
  • Developing memory functioning
  • Teaching sensory attributes
  • And more

There are many ways to incorporate activities like these into child development, and toys are a fantastic option. We offer a range of sensory-focused products that can encourage your child towards the benefits mentioned above and more. 

WordUnited for sensory toys 

With a focus on sensory activities, you can teach your children a great deal. Buying toys geared towards this purpose can be especially useful for enjoying the benefits of these techniques. That’s why we offer a range of products that could provide sensory activities for toddlers and more. 

With something to suit every price range, we offer sensory toys for babies and toddlers of all abilities. Our wide range also provides plenty of options for parents looking to enjoy messy play activities. Like sensory options, these are a fantastic way to teach your children through the power of touch and play. And, we make these activities possible with offerings like our pastry and dough cutters. With these to hand, any crafting tasks you tackle can reach new educational heights. All while providing fun for everyone!

As a trusted member of the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), we put education at the heart of everything we do. Our sensory toys and messy play offerings are no exception. Even better, we offer all these products with free standard delivery on orders over £40. That means there’s no excuse not to get started with sensory play and more today. 

Sensory activities and messy play for education

Each of the benefits offered by sensory activities and messy play are educational, and that’s something we keep in mind when developing our toys. Each product has been tailor-made to meet the educational needs of babies and toddlers at various stages of development. The question is, how can you use these tools from an educational standpoint?

Learning by touch

Sensory activities for babies can be educational thanks to touch alone. Remember that, at this age, sensory play is mainly about building connections in the brain and developing general sensory understanding. As such, education here can start from simply letting a child touch and interact with a sensory toy like the Dimpl Colourful Grabber. Though simple, techniques like these are the touchstone for sensory play benefits moving forward.

Educational play

Our toys also lend themselves perfectly to a variety of educational play ideas. To prove this, our blog looks at a range of messy play techniques with our toys that can help your kids learn everything from times tables to spelling. 

Real-world play

As well as providing valuable lessons, sensory toys can be invaluable for providing real-world play opportunities for babies and toddlers alike. Offerings like our Dantoy BIOplastic dinner set are a fantastic way to introduce your youngster to real-world activities. Through sensory play and make-believe, toys like these can be invaluable for developing understanding and helping to prepare your child for future situations. 

Messy play ideas for babies

As you can see from some of those suggestions, getting the most out of many of our educational sensory toys involves pairing them with messy play. To help you get started enjoying those benefits, we’re going to look at a few messy play ideas for babies with our toys in mind.

Sand play

Sand play is an invaluable messy play opportunity for building scientific understanding and more. We offer a range of sand-based tools, including buckets, trowels, and even pebbles that can take this learning experience further.


As can be seen from this Let’s Learn video, playdough is a fantastic messy play educational resource when paired with any of our cutters. With this activity, children can learn to spell, add, and more. All while having great fun!

Water play

Like sand play, water play also offers scientific benefits by aiding understanding of concepts like volume. Again, our bucket sets and more can help to enhance this learning experience. Even better, water works without any planning. Simply turn on the tap and get teaching!

As you can see, our sensory and messy play selection has something to offer every age and educational need. If you want to teach your child in the most fun way possible, then our products will surely help you do it.