Let’s Learn to Spell (Video)

Discover fun and easy ideas to introduce children to early spelling! Learning the alphabet and how to arrange letters to make words is a first step to learning to spell. Younger children can use letters with sand and play dough and sound out simple CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words.

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From Learning the Alphabet to Learning to Spell

Download free word mats and make words with play dough to place on the mats. Laminating word mats makes them usable many times and waterproof. The key are is to provide plenty of sensory play opportunities using messy play materials.

Spelling Worksheets

You can also help children learn to spell using spelling worksheets. Older children will find this free spelling practice template fun to use. It includes 5 prompts to help remember how to spell: look, say, cover, write and check. Great to use with year 1 word lists to year 6 word lists. Laminate the spelling template to use again and again.

Spelling Books, Flashcards and Literacy Toys

In addition to spelling worksheets, kids learning toys such as literacy toys, as well as literacy games and puzzles are great resources to learn to spell. Spelling books as Letterland books and WordUnited’s Let’s Read series as well as flashcards help children learn to spell. Children who as exposed to text more and to reading books (including bedtime stories) find it easier to spell. Write & Wipe flashcards are great to practice writing words time after time.

Spelling and Literacy Games

Don’t just use spelling worksheets as kids learn best, while having fun, when combining a variety of learning resources. Spelling resources and spelling games are great for multi-sensory learning, from puppy games to match and spell games.

No Nonsense Spelling

For teachers, the No Nonsense Spelling is a comprehensive spelling programme designed to meet the National Curriculum requirements for schools. A time-saver for primary teachers, it provides essential spelling strategies KS1 and KS2, the spelling lessons and spelling worksheets (from year 2 spelling worksheets to year 6 spelling worksheets).

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