Tally Chart

This tally chart is handy free maths resource to for children to count and record the number of items and total.

The tally chart template is a excellent resource to use alongside math games for kids, including with outdoor maths ideas. Read more ideas below.

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Learning Skills

Mathematical Skills


Observational Skills

Thinking skills

Children can collect objects outside, then classify and group them based on similarities and differences, such as colour, texture, source and use. They can count items in each group by making tally marks on this tally chart and then counting the total. Which items did you find the most in the garden?

You can also use this tally chart at home for maths learning and to make fun educational math games. If you have more than one child, you can print a few copies of this tally chart, give each child the same number of multicoloured counters. How quick can you sort and count the counters? Counters can be sorted by colour, and some counters such as the weighted bear counters or the counting camel counters can be sorted by size. Children can record their counting on the tally chart.

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