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7 Art Ideas for Kids on International Dot Day

September 15, 2020

Celebrate International Dot Day on and around 15th (ish) September 2020! This joyous day is based upon The Dot, a fantastic picture book written by Peter H. Reynolds inspiring kids to celebrate their creativity. This charming, award-winning story highlights the importance of self-expression and looking at life (and art) differentlyDiscover a range of fun art ideas for kids in this blogpost for children of all ages on International Dot Day. You can also find links to free printable photo frames to display your children’s artwork. Watch the above video to see some of the activities in action. 

Text © 2020 Walker Books | Illustrations © 2003, 2004, 2012 Peter H. Reynolds

1. Free International Dot Day Classroom Guide

Make your mark and see where it takes you on International Dot Day with a fantastic free classroom guide from Walker Books! This resource provides teacher guidance and two fabulous frames for children to draw inside. You can download and print the resource from any device for free. It is the perfect free printable to support art projects for kids and can be used for both classroom-based and home learning! 

2. Wax Resist Art Ideas for Kids

Wax resist art is a simple technique to create an amazing effect with watercolours and crayons! First, grab a thick piece of paper suitable for painting and draw a design using wax crayons. Young children can practice mark making with these easy-grip Animal CrayonsThen, press firmly with the crayon on the paper for the best effect. Next, use watercolours to paint over the crayon design. The watercolours will resist the wax – it is rather fascinating to watch! Top tip: use a lighter coloured crayon and darker coloured paint for the most noticeable resistance. Check out the video at the top of this blogpost to see how wax resist art works. 

3. Cardboard Tube Art Projects for Kids 

Upcycle a cardboard tube to create crafty circle art! You will need poster paint, a cardboard tube (if you have a few, even better) and paper. This activity is incredibly easy! First, add different coloured paints to paper plates or an art container. Next, press the end of the cardboard tube into the paint and print onto the paper. Younger children will enjoy exploring with the paint, whilst older children may like to create patterns and designs with the coloured circles. Additionally, the cardboard tubes can also be moulded into different shapes to help children with shape recognition.  

4. Sensory Paint Art Activities for Kids  

Poster paints are fantastic for sensory play! Feeling creative? Grab a paper or reusable straw and add drops of paint to a thick paper plate. Children can have fun spreading the paint and creating fascinating art by blowing through the straw. Supervise young children to ensure the straw does not get too close to the paint! Children can then draw patterns in the paint with a straw or their fingers and leave to dry overnight. For kids who love sensory play, read about more hands-on activities in this blogpost. 

5. Citrus Fruit Art for Kids 

Citrus printing is fabulous because not only is it a fun art activity for kids, but it is a tasty one too! Adults can cut citrus fruit in half, then children can help to squeeze the juice into a container – the perfect beverage to accompany your craft session! Squeezing the juice out will also make clearer patterns when printing. Squirt poster paints onto a paper plate and press the flat side of the citrus fruit into the paint. Print onto a clean sheet of paper. You can also match the colours of the citrus fruits to the paint to help little ones with colour recognition.  

6. Outdoor Art Activities for Children

Head outside for pavement art activities for children! Using chalk, children can design patterns and artistic masterpieces on the ground. The benefits of pavement chalk art is that it washes off with water. This activity helps children develop motor skills, in addition to learning how to grip and control the chalk. Children can use their imagination designing art, games and more on the pavement. 

7. Rainbow Art Projects for Kids

Rainbows are bright, beautiful and inspire brilliant art projects for kids! Draw rainbows onto windows with solid poster paint pens to spread joy in your neighbourhood. These chunky paint pens are mess-free, requiring no water or paintbrush. Plus, they are quick to dry and easy to clean! Alternatively, create a rainbow circle using coloured velvety paper, safety scissors and PVA glue. Cut out circles increasing in size and lay the largest circle on a flat surface. Glue the next largest circle on top and continue until all circles are stuck together in size order. When finished, hole punch through the top of the circle and loop a piece of string through to hang on display. Cut and stick art activities for kids help to boost fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 

WordUnited would also like to say a huge congratulations to the three Instagram Giveaway winners, who have won their very own copy of The Dot! Browse more arts and crafts resources and pick up your own copy of The Dot here. Find further inspiration for art ideas for kids on the International Dot Day website! 

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