Mrs Wordsmith ABC Handwriting Book (Early Years, KS1)


Mrs Wordsmith ABC Handwriting Book (Early Years, KS1)


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Age: 3y+

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Mrs Wordsmith ABC Handwriting Book (Early Years, KS1)

A handwriting practice book like no other! Perfect for children aged 4-7.

Practise writing letters and develop reading skills while following the hilarious tale of Bogart the baby fly as he chomps from A to Z.

Bogart dreams of becoming a butterfly. But if all he eats is poo, he will be nothing more than a housefly. Bogart sets out on the foodie adventure of a lifetime. He starts with apples and avocados. Then bagels and burritos. Before long, Bogart is chomping his way through the whole alphabet!

After each letter is introduced in the story, use the arrows and dots to trace the letter on the letter-writing pages.

Handwriting is a crucial skill for children as they move through their early school years, but it also helps them to consolidate their knowledge of letters – an essential precursor to phonics learning and reading.

With a team of award-winning artists and writers, Mrs Wordsmith creates books, card games, worksheets, and mobile games to improve the reading and writing of kids aged 4-11, and to make learning fun!

“Letter recognition and letter formation are essential skills to develop in children’s younger years. This great book provides a fun way to practise these skills, all through the narrative of a worm eating wonderful, and sometimes unusual, foods!”
Emma Madden – Headteacher, Fox Primary School

Paperback: 144 pages

ISBN: 9780241527139

Dimensions: 21 x 1 x 29.7 cm

Written by: Mrs Wordsmith