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30 Fascinating Topics for Earth Explorers (Ivy Kids)

Ivy Kids

30 Fascinating Topics for Earth Explorers (Ivy Kids)


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Age: 3y+

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In this exciting title for young Earthlings, every inch of our planet is explored and explained, from the air in the atmosphere to the molten magma beneath our feet. 30 key topics from deserts to oceans are covered, each presented in neat 30-second soundbites and supported by 3-second flash summaries and cool, colourful artwork.

The attention-grabbing format is engaging and immediate, giving a truly global understanding to readers aged from 8 up. Six themed sections cover the Earth in Space, the Earth’s Structure, Weather and Climate, Watery World, Amazing Ecosystems and the Future of the Earth.

Paperback: 96 pages

ISBN: 9781782404576

Dimensions: 23 x 0.9 x 18.2 cm

Written by: Anita Ganeri & Dr Cherith Moses

Illustrated by: Melvyn Evans

About the Authors:

Anita Ganeri spent many years working in the publishing industry as an editor and foreign rights manager before becoming an author. She has written more than 300 books to date, including the award-winning series Horrible Geography. She lives with her family in West Yorkshire, England.

Dr Cherith Moses is Head of Geography at the University of Sussex, and is the consultant for the book.

About the Illustrator:

Melvyn Evans is an illustrator and printmaker whose distinctive artwork has appeared in a range of media, from advertising to children’s books.