A History of Art in 21 Cats (Illustrated Guide)


A History of Art in 21 Cats (Illustrated Guide)


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A History of Art in 21 Cats (Illustrated Guide)

Art history has been given a fun feline makeover.

Discover the basics of important art movements through a host of beautifully illustrated cats, each one inspired by a specific period in art history. From Surrealism to Cubism, Abstract Expressionism to Ancient Egyptian art, these creative cats will introduce you to key themes and provide you with all of the inspiration you need if you want to create your own version.

Each illustrated cat comes with an overview of the art movement that it represents, plus a breakdown of the cats features, explaining the relevance of each. Accompanied by fun, informative captions, each element – from faces and fur to patterns, shapes and colours – provides a quirky, accessible insight into the history of art.

More than just a reference book, A History of Art in 21 Cats is perfect for art enthusiasts and cat lovers alike.

Hardback: 96 pages

ISBN: 9781910552902

Dimensions: 18 x 1.45 x 23 cm