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It may be all around us, but space is a surprisingly tricky thing for youngsters to grasp. They’re busy enough learning about letters and numbers, without having to think about what the stars are made of, aren’t they?

Kids may have a lot to learn, but space is a massive part of that. Letters are, of course, vital, but evidence suggests that teaching kids about space can benefit earth. Plus, planets always crop up in school at some stage. 

So, as well as teaching the alphabet, you’ll want to harness an understanding of wide and wonderful space. And, focusing on toy-based space activities for kids is a guaranteed way to do it. 

The importance of teaching children about space

As we recently discussed on our blog, there are many space science activities for kids. The question is, why is it so vital you implement them? When it comes down to it, phonics books can seem like a more useful learning tool than planet earth toys, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Space is one of the first things kids learn about in science, and with good reason. Unraveling these concepts is vital for helping children to understand their planet and its place in the world. This can go a long way towards developing a sense of belonging and a broader understanding. 

Focusing on space activities for preschoolers and beyond is especially useful considering that children at this age have unique skills including – 

  • Imagination 
  • Humility
  • Curiosity
  • And more

Each of which is ideal for space exploration! 

The space basics

Before you can get stuck into teaching kids about space, it’s vital to consider the basics. To do this, you need to brush up on your Astro skills and develop an understanding of the space activities KS2 learning focuses around. The key areas your kids will be learning about include – 

  • Constellations

What are stars? What constitutes a constellation? Basic examples of constellations. How stars have been used for navigation etc.

  • Planets

Learning planet names, environments, etc.

  • Solar systems

What does a solar system include? How far are planets in relation to the sun? Rotations of the planets, etc.

Once you know these essentials, develop interesting and educational space activities for kids to enjoy. And, investing in the ideal space toys is the perfect way to help you do it. 

Space toys and books for kids

We offer many space resources, including free space colouring pages for children just starting their space-bound journeys. If you’re aiming to embark on space activities at KS2 level, however, space toys and space books for kids are your best options. 

We have a wide range of astronomy books for kids that are packed full of fascinating facts to catch interest. Curious Pearl provides a 4D space adventure that can display the wonders of space in all their glory. For kids who are a little further along in their space understanding, this Usborne guide includes everything they could ever want to know about the great beyond. And, those are just a few of the books on offer!

Even for youngsters who don’t gel well with books in general, there are plenty of excellent space toys for kids out there. Even better, we provide many of them here at WordUnited. Space and planet earth toys like these can be fantastic educational space aids at any age. Options like this Plan Toys cone and stacking rocket mean that even babies and toddlers get a fix of the space age. Equally, this KidzLabs Super Moon Torch ensures older kids can get up close and personal to the wonders they’re learning about. 

Any of these resources can take lessons to space and beyond. Before long, your kids could be reeling off planet names like they’ve learnt a whole new language!

A final word on space activities for kids

In case you hadn’t noticed, space is pretty vast. That can make it seem like a mammoth teaching task, but that needn’t be the case. In reality, understanding what your kids know and the best toys and books to help them learn it is all it takes to get this right.

With top space books for kids by your side, you may even find that curiosity leads your children to develop their knowledge of space alone. Equally, experiment-based space toys for children are a fantastic way to turn space-based learning into a family affair. With these at hand, you should soon find that even previously uninterested children start to reach for the stars.