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7 Ways to Teach Toddlers About Colours

May 29, 2020

Teaching your toddler about colours? Here at WordUnited, we believe learning and playing is one, so let’s make learning colours fun! Below you will discover 7 engaging home learning activities and early years resources that help toddlers learn colours. Plus, play the above video to see a selection of the activities in action 

1. Colour Activities for Kids

Sorting activities are a brilliant way to introduce toddlers to the concept of colours. Not to mention, you can get creative with activities for sorting colours! Let’s start with a crafty DIY colour sorting postbox, as seen in the above video. Simply cut out sections of an old shoebox and colour the edge of each cut out section. Children can then post coloured lollipop sticks, counters, pom poms – you name it, through the corresponding slots. Alternatively, children can practice sorting household items or different fruits and vegetables into colour clusters. Prefer not to use actual food? Check out these cute Fruit & Vegetable Colour Sorting Crates! 

2. Board Books About Colours 

For little ones that love books, snuggle up with colour board books for kids! Board books introduce children to reading concepts such as turning the page, reading from left to right and letter recognition. Baby’s First Touchy-Feely Colours Play Book is a brilliant place to start. Suitable from birth, babies will love looking at the vibrant illustrations and touching the different textures on each page. For toddlers, Elmer’s Colours is a chunky board book with easy-grip tabs, so even the youngest Elmer fans can learn their colours. Looking for an exciting book about colours? Try Usborne Lift-the-Flap Colours, with over 60 flaps to lift and questions to answer and explore. Similarly, Usborne Big Book of Colours is a delightful book that contains an acetate page demonstrating colour mixing and over 130 colours.

3. Free Resources to Teach Toddlers About Colours

With WordUnited’s fast-growing Free Resources Hub, toddlers can learn their colours with fun free printables. Simply download and print from any device; no registration is necessary. Plus, print and laminate to use again and again! Try cute Colour Flashcards, illustrated with bright colour splashes and clear labels. Alterntaively, embark on a Colour Scavenger Hunt! This engaging activity encourages children to acknowledge the different colours around them, either inside the house, in the garden or when exploring the great outdoors. For the classroom – whether in school or for home learning – these Colour Display Sheets will make a fabulous addition to the room! Kids can also make a counter rainbow with this activity.

4. Flashcards and Games About Colours 

Flashcards and games are a wonderful way to spark interest in learning colours! WordUnited’s range of flashcard kits help children learn a variety of language. Within these kits, you will find one specially dedicated to colours and shapes. Fully equipped with wipe-clean flashcards, pens, stickers and more, this educational resource will engage kids! Check out Colours & Shapes in English for kids learning colours. Moreover, Brainbox First Colours is an entertaining memory game for kids learning colours. Designed to support pre-school education, children can play this game alone or in groups and improve their colour recognition.  

5. Early Years Resources for Toddlers Learning Colours

WordUnited have a vast range of wonderful early years resources for kids learning colours! This colourful Learning Resources Peg Play Set develops a variety of skills, including colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Moreover, combine physical activity and learning colours with these Colour Name Bean Bags. Children will have fun developing gross motor skills whilst learning different colours with bean bag games. Browse more early years resources here 

6. Messy Play Ideas for Toddlers Learning Colours

For little ones who love sensory activities, try messy play ideas when learning colours. Sensory bins are a brilliant, versatile example. Fill a tray or tub with a filler such as water, sand, spaghetti or dried rice – the more colourful, the better! Discover how to create rainbow spaghetti and dried rice in this messy play ideas blogpost. Next, add different coloured toys, such as these Aquatic Counters. Kids can use fine motor skill scooper tools to grasp the toys and organise into different colours.  

7. Rainbow Activities for Kids

What better way to learn about colours than with rainbows? Choose from heaps of fun rainbow activities for kids! Sing a rainbow song and paint a rainbow masterpiece with watercolours or chunky crayons. Similarly, grab some coloured window pens and draw a rainbow to brighten your neighbour’s day! Kids can also have fun with chalk and create rainbows on the driveway or pavement! For younger children, try stacking toys such as wooden Rainbow Arches. Kids love singing? Boost listening skills and have fun singing along to the CBeebies Colour Carnival song about colours of the rainbow!  

Discover online learning clips about colours on BBC Bitesize and British Council. Browse thousands of learning resources, toys and books for kids at!


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