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Walker Books – The Emperor’s Egg (Paperback)

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Walker Books – The Emperor’s Egg (Paperback)


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Age: 3y+

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Walker Books – The Emperor’s Egg (Paperback)

An award-winning picture book about the Emperor penguin’s parenting. The Emperor penguin is the only large animal to remain on the Antarctic mainland throughout its bitterly inhospitable winter. Once the female has laid her egg, she heads back to the sea, leaving the male to incubate it. He then spends two months standing on the freezing cold ice with the egg on his feet! This is his story.

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 9781406366990

Dimensions: 23 x 0.3 x 25 cm

Written by: Martin Jenkins

Illustrated by: Jane Chapman

About the author:

Martin Jenkins is an environmental consultant. He has been involved as writer and/or adviser in the production of many technical books on conservation matters, as well as the Walker non-fiction titles Wings, Stings and Wriggly Things in the Bright Sparks series, Fly Traps! Plants that Bite Back, runner-up for the 1996 TES Junior Information Book Award, Chameleons Are Cool and Informania: Vampires.