Usborne Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table (See Inside)


Usborne Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table (See Inside)


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Age: 3y+

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 Everything in the universe is made up of just 118 chemical elements, all of which are listed in the periodic table. Lift the flaps in this informative book and discover which elements are crucial to life, which are smelly, explosive or radioactive and lots more. An essential introduction to the building blocks of chemistry, with over 125 flaps.

Board book: 16 pages

ISBN: 9781474922661

Dimensions: 22.5 x 1.9 x 28.2 cm

Written by: Alice James

Illustrated by: Shaw Nielsen

Author’s blog:

Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table is an introduction to all the elements in the universe – shiny, radioactive, explosive, gaseous, and everything in between.

Writing this book was a really exciting process. I started off by researching every element in turn, getting to know what it’s like, what it’s used for, and where it’s found, making a mega-document of interesting information. Next was my favourite part of the whole thing – turning each element into a character. I sat down with our brilliant designer Emily to sketch out about 100 different characters, from goblins to fishermen, aliens to ravers.

Each character had to be carefully constructed to give a lot of information – each one is colour coded, so you know where to find it on the table, has a distinct bottom half, so you know whether it’s a solid, liquid or gas, and has a clear persona that tells you a bit about it.

The Periodic Table is split up into sections, with elements grouped according to their personalities. Each page in our book features one of those sections, colour-coded to make it clear and easy to remember. I chose a fact or two for each element on a page, particularly stuff that sounded amazing, like that indium screams when you bend it, or that barium rocks glow in the dark.