TickiT SiliShapes® Soft Silicone Bricks (24 Construction Blocks)


TickiT SiliShapes® Soft Silicone Bricks (24 Construction Blocks)


Product Code: TK088

Age: 3y+

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This set contains 24 soft construction blocks in 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow. These perfectly sized bricks are made to fit a young child’s hand with ease and can be stacked, placed and arranged into patterns or sorted. They interlock in a row or around a corner and provide young children with their first building brick set. They are made from a special see-through silicone which is soft and flexible to the touch and safe to handle by children of any age. They are ideal for use by toddlers on a light box too where their softness and colourful transparency and colour mixing properties will prove fascinating. They can be used in sand and water or as props within small world play and are perfect for sensory play. After use they can be washed clean using soapy water or cleaned in a dishwasher even set on a high temperature without harm. This set encourages creativity, imagination and fine-motor skills. It also helps develop mathematical skills such as counting, sorting and making patterns.

  • 24 soft construction blocks
  • 4 colours: red, blue, green and yellow
  • Identical 2-stud pieces
  • Award-winning
  • Flexible yet can be stacked and linked
  • Interlocked in a row or around a corner
  • Perfectly sized for little hands to grasp & stack on top of each other
  • Made from ultra-soft flexible silicone
  • See-through material
  • Soft and safe to handle even by very young children from 18 months old
  • An ideal construction set
  • Perfect for sensory play
  • Can be used in messy play and in sand and water
  • Washable with soapy water or in the dishwasher (they withstand high temperatures)
  • Encourages creativity, imagination and fine-motor skills
  • Supports numeracy such as counting, sorting and patterning

Product Size: Each block is 7.5 x 3.75 x 2.5 cm

Award: 2014 practical Preschool (PPS) Awards – Overall Winner


“I loved this and so did our under 2’s! Immediately this product seemed appropriate for the age range, as it provided a safe and durable brick that can be used to develop a toddler’s fine motor skills. The children took very well to the different colours and feel of the bricks and most could stack them after a number of attempts. We really like these and would like to purchase some as soon as possible. What a lovely durable play resource.” PPS award testers