The Princess and the Giant (Nosy Crow)


The Princess and the Giant (Nosy Crow)


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Age: 3y+

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The Princess and the Giant (Nosy Crow)

Princess Sophie is fed up. She’s EXHAUSTED and it’s all because that grumpy old giant can’t sleep – his stomps and stamps keep everyone awake ALL night. But Princess Sophie is a resourceful sort of girl and, as she reads her favourite book of fairy tales, she wonders if she might just have the answer. She bravely climbs the beanstalk and takes a tasty bowl of porridge, a teddy to cuddle and even a cosy blanket – all to help the giant sleep. But, oh dear, nothing works until finally Sophie hits upon the perfect thing – the giant needs a bedtime story! Phew! Everyone lives (and sleeps) happily ever after but when Sophie then teaches the giant how to read himself, it is the most perfect ending of all.


“A wonderfully witty, rich and rhyming tale about a resourceful princess who tames a grumpy giant with a good bedtime story.” – The Best New Children’s Books Summer 2015 Guardian supplement

“…it’s great to see a feisty brave girl in a fairytale who doesn’t need to be rescued. It fills me with happiness to see that it is something as simple as sharing a bedtime story and learning to read which creates the happy ending. With the beautifully detailed illustrations by Sarah Warburton which ensure this book becomes a truly marvellous sight to behold and Caryl Hart’s imaginative storytelling. I’m not sure there is much more you could wish for in a picture book.” – BookLoverJo

“Warburton’s bright mixed-media artwork provides a playful stage for Sophie’s colossal adventure.A clever fractured fairy tale that princes and princesses of all ages will enjoy.”– Kirkus

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 9780857633880

Dimensions: 25.2 x 0.4 x 29 cm

Written by: Caryl Hart

Illustrated by: Sarah Warburton