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The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook

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The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook


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Age: 3y+

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The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook

The Nature Explorer’s Scrapbook provides a wonderful interactive keepsake for modern-day adventurers. If you are thrilled at the sight of a soaring bird, love watching the stars, and gleefully crunching through freshly fallen snow, then this book is for you!

  • Packed with amazing nature activities – part album, part manual, part nature guide, the book is divided into three sections: Earth, Air, and Water. Each section is crammed with engaging activities including collecting and identifying leaves, starting a seed store, creating a feather display, drawing clouds, writing up notes on creatures that you’ve spotted on your adventures, beachcombing, and pond dipping
  • Immerse yourself in the magnificent world of nature – each page offers a new adventure as you are guided through the world of nature, and contains fascinating information on things as diverse as trees, fish, skulls, shells, clouds, minerals, tadpoles, trilobites, birds, bugs, beetles, and seeds
  • No trip outside will ever be the same again – this book is guaranteed to become a constant companion and will grow with you as you find objects and stick them into the book until it is bursting with life. When you have finished, you will have created an amazing record of the time you have spent outside!
  • Conservation conscious and educational – this book introduces children to the natural environment around them and encourages them to preserve the planet’s plants and wildlife. It also reinforces key science and nature topics that are taught in schools
  • Great gift – an absolute must-have for children who love nature and the outdoors and for parents who want to encourage this

Hardback: 80 pages

ISBN: 9781908489265

Dimensions: 25.4 x 1.78 x 30.48 cm

Written by: Caz Buckingham, Andrea Pinnington