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Once Upon a Jungle (words & pictures Book)

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Once Upon a Jungle (words & pictures Book)


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Age: 3y+

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Once upon a time there lived a jungle, but that was just the beginning … Step inside the wild and colourful jungle with this striking and richly illustrated book that introduces the food chain concept through simple, poetic language. Learn how the circle of life allows the jungle ecosystem to flourish, and see how many animals you can spot hiding in the leaves along the way.


“Now THAT is what you call a bounteous children’s book!” – Huff Post

“Striking, atmospheric illustration introduces the food chain concept through simple, poetic language – with an expansive gatefold spread showing the vast array of jungle life.” – The Guardian

“This book is simply stunning with a superb visual impact. Laura Knowles’ simple text introduces us to the world of the jungle. Her words are accompanied by vibrant pictures by James Boast, that use the brightest colours you could imagine. More than that, subtly concealed in each picture are the outlines of animals -….and the words fit the pictures to perfection. An outstanding book which provides an early introduction to food chains.” – Parents In Touch

“For toddlers Once Upon A Jungle with its vivid animals moving through brilliantly coloured flowers, is stunning; its dreamlike shapes for children aged two and above are inspired by Rousseau.” – New Statesman

“Enter the jungle in glorious technicolour… Stunning non-fiction” – Picture Book Blogger

Hardcover: 32 pages

ISBN: 9781784937799

Dimensions: 24.5 x 1.1 x 30.1 cm

Written by: Laura Knowles

Illustrated by: James Boast

About the Author:

Laura KnowlesLaura Knowles has degrees in Publishing and Classical Studies. Her love of natural history, words and art have drawn her to work on books about animals and nature.


About the Illustrator:

James Boast is a freelance illustrator based in London. With a distinct, playful style, James has worked with a variety of clients, including the Guardian, New York Times, and Monocle Magazine. When he isn’t creating beautiful artworks, James indulges his other passions for global travel and food.