Morphun Mathsphun Multiplier Board (12×12 Set)


Morphun Mathsphun Multiplier Board (12×12 Set)


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Age: 3y+

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Morphun Mathsphun Multiplier Board (12×12 Set)

Morphun Mathsphun takes children through the early stages of number use in a fun way that will ensure full attention when learning in the classroom, or at home! Using our familiar side-joining bricks, this Mathsphun Multiplier Board will teach children times tables 1 to 12. In this set, there are red numbers 0 to 12 that are the ‘questions’, and black numbers 1 to 144 that are the ‘answers’. Plus, 28 activities which start at beginner level, including only red numbers 1-3 and black numbers up to 9, and work their way up as children improve on their multiplication tables. Complete with multiply and equals signs. This fun educational set is a great way to develop basic numeracy skills, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and problem solving. Supplied in a bag allowing for easy storage once playtime is over.

Morphun sets support the National Curriculum and STEM education. Morphun square bricks are compatible with traditional plastic bricks.

  • The hands-on numeracy resource
  • Outstanding educational and learning value
  • Complete with 28 activities
  • Promotes numeracy, creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, problem solving, critical thinking and more
  • Perfect for use at the classroom or home
  • Supports the National Curriculum & STEM education
  • Designed in the UK

Product Size: 60 x 40 x 15 cm


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2015 Academics Awards BRAIN TOY
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