Morphun Mathsphun Kindermaths Bricks (350 Blocks)


Morphun Mathsphun Kindermaths Bricks (350 Blocks)


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Age: 3y+

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Develop mathematical skills with the Morphun Mathsphun Kindermaths Bricks!

Morphun KinderMaths takes children through the early years of counting and recognising numbers with fun numeracy bricks. Each set helps to steer children away from counting on their fingers and on to counting first with spots, and then with numbers. The learning doesn’t stop there though! Once children have mastered counting the spotted and numbered bricks, they can begin to learn about height, length and simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The KinderMaths Double Set includes 350 pieces including numbered bricks from 1-10, spotted bricks from 1-10, Morphun construction bricks and bricks with equals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs. This extensive educational set is a great way to develop basic numeracy skills, creative play, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and problem solving. Includes 16 work cards that demonstrate counting to ten with fingers, spots and numbers – great for use in the classroom, or at home. Supplied in a bag allowing for easy storage once playtime is over. Includes 350 pieces.

If you want a superior alternative to Lego that stretches the imagination into multi-dimensions (literally), look no further! Morphun building sets are truly where learning and playing merge. They have outstanding educational and play values and will amaze children, teachers and parents alike! It is not surprising Morphun sets have amassed numerous awards.

Morphun sets support the National Curriculum and STEM education. Morphun square bricks are compatible with traditional plastic bricks.

  • The hands-on numeracy resource
  • Award-winning
  • Outstanding educational and learning value
  • Learn the numbers, counting, measure and mathematical operations
  • 350 pieces
  • Includes numbered bricks and spotted bricks
  • Includes construction bricks
  • Includes bricks with mathematical operation symbols
  • Complete with 16 work cards
  • Promotes numeracy, creativity, imagination, fine motor skills, problem solving, critical thinking and more
  • Perfect for use at the classroom or home
  • Supports the National Curriculum & STEM education
  • Designed in the UK

Product Size: 60 x 40 x 15 cm


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2015 Academics Awards BRAIN TOY
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2015 PrimaryTeacher_GOLD
2015 PrimaryTeacher Awards GOLD