MindWare Q-Bitz (Game)


MindWare Q-Bitz (Game)


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Age: 3y+

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Three fast-paced rounds of play require different skills each time… Quick thinking, lucky breaks or memory muscle power. Each round is a race – the first player to correctly match the pattern claims the round and the card. Collect the most cards and you win! Q-bitz will challenge your visual agility! players puzzle over how to recreate the patterns on the game cards using their set of 16 cubes.

With three different types of visual challenge, Q-bitz has something for everyone! Everything you need is in the box and best of all, there are no complicated rules! Each round requires different skills, quick thinking, luck or memory power. Round One is all about speed as players race to manipulate their cubes to copy the pattern on the Q-bitz card. The first player to complete the pattern keeps the card. Round Two adds luck to the equation, as players roll their cubes to match the pattern. Round Three really tests brain power, as players must re-create the pattern from memory. Collect the most cards and win!

Contents: 120 x Q-Bitz cards, 4 x wooden trays, 4 x sets of 16 cubes and 1 x rules

  • Challenge your visual agility
  • A pattern matching game
  • Full instructions included
  • 2-4 players
  • The player with the most cards wins the game
  • Promotes strategic planning
  • Develops memory, observational skills and social skills

Product size: 26 x 26 x 3.9 cm