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The Lines on Nana’s Face (Picture Book – Flying Eye)

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The Lines on Nana’s Face (Picture Book – Flying Eye)


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Age: 3y+

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It’s granny’s birthday, but her little granddaughter wonders why, because of the lines on her face, she looks so worried! But they are simply wrinkles, and grandma is very fond of her lines because they are where she keeps her memories. In this imaginative and charming story, Simona Ciraolo turns the lines from old age into little wrinkles of wonder and memory as a little girl learns all about the precious moments in her grandma’s life.


“A sweet intergenerational tète-à-tète.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The art and the pace sell the journey. Nana and the girl talk in bright close-ups; the flashbacks are wordless full spreads, encouraging us to supply the missing information.” – The New York Times

“This airy picture book is calibrated to appeal to doting grandparents or, for that matter, to any adult whose face has acquired a bit of wear and tear.” – The Wall Street Journal

“The revelation that older relatives were once young is always a surprise for younger people, and Ciraolo (Whatever Happened to My Sister?) presents Nana’s story in a way that’s affectionate and never patronizing.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“Nana uses the opportunity to explain that every wrinkle is attached to a memory, and the story swishes back in time to show the source of each one. Her crow’s feet were caused by laughing too hard on a seaside picnic, and the creases on her forehead are the result of a first date at an amusement park. As the girl sits as a rapt audience for her Nana’s storytelling, she learns that so-called imperfections are the result of life lived.” – The Globe and Mail

“The intimate, present-day moments with granddaughter and grandmother involve close-ups of the girl, pointing to her Nana’s face on white, uncluttered spreads, which alternate with the colorful, wordless, full-bleed spreads that depict the past. Ciraolo, born in Sardinia, captures body language well, just as she did in last year’s Whatever Happened to My Sister?, another tender story of familial bonds.” – Julie Danielson

“A realistic and charming family story shared between a Nana and her grandchild. […] This is a perfect book that focuses on a grandparent’s graceful aging process and allows bonding and sharing with younger family members.” – Youth Services Book Review

“I love this book for its sweetness and depth. There’s the story you’re reading and another more subtle and open-ended story conveyed through the illustrations […] You can just feel the love put into the book–one reason it’s a favorite of mine to share with others.” – Colorado Parent

Each line on granny’s face tell a unique story in this playful and endearing exchange between grandmother and granddaughter. The illustrations are both vibrant and soft in this book with multi generational appeal.
The Wandering Bookseller

“Beautifully conceived and heartwarming, this book ups my admiration for Simona Ciraolo’s talent.” – Sal’s Fiction Addiction

“This is a sweet book that addresses old age with a cute explanation (non scientific, sure, but oh-so-sweet) about wrinkles. Simona has a real knack for being able to tackle tough subjects in picture books, and she does it in such a pleasant and endearing way.” –Book Nerd Mommy

From the Back Cover

There’s a lot more to a wrinkle than meets the eye. Each little line carries its own story…

In this heartwarming tale from award-winner Simona Ciraolo, a little girl discovers her grandmother’s precious memories as the creases from old age become wonderful wrinkles in time.

Hardcover: 40 pages

ISBN: 9781909263987

Dimensions: 23.6 x 1.1 x 27.8 cm

Written & Illustrated by: Simona Ciraolo

About the Author:

Simona Ciraolo is a Sardinian born author and illustrator who studied animation at the National Film School in Turin, Italy, before moving to the UK where she undertook an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art. She has worked as a freelance 2D animator for children’s TV shows and illustrated five picture books for an independent Italian publisher. In 2014, Simona won the Sebastian Walker award for her work in children’s picture book illustration. Her style is charming and playful, inviting warmth to the imaginative tales she creates. Before the release of her first picture book with Flying Eye Books, Simona took the time to answer a couple of questions about what makes her tick.