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Walker Books – How Does My Home Work

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Walker Books – How Does My Home Work


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Walker Books – How Does My Home Work

This stylishly illustrated book explains how our homes are supplied with electricity, water and gas.

Supports Key Stage 1 Science.

This stylishly illustrated book explains the mechanical processes required to produce the things our homes needs to keep us happy and comfortable – electricity, water and gas. Chris Butterworth traces the journey of water, describing how it falls from the sky as rain then gets collected up in reservoirs and sent to factories to be treated and tested, before it can finally be piped to our homes. She also simply and clearly explains how electricity is made and where the gas we use in our boilers comes from. This fascinating process book succeeds in being young, child-centred and friendly, but also packs in an enormous amount of technical information.


“I recommend this book to anyone because it teaches life skills!” – SimplyOutrageousYouth.org

“The book has a really child-friendly approach but also packs in a huge amount of information.” – ParentsInTouch

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 9781406379525

Dimensions: 21.6 x 0.4 x 26 cm

Written by: Christine Butterworth

Illustrated by: Lucia Gaggiotti

About the Author:

Christine Butterworth’s books for Walker include the Nature Storybooks See What a Seal Can Do and Seahorse: the Shyest Fish in the Sea, which won the 2007 John Muir prize for excellence in natural history writing in the USA, and Lunchbox: The Story of Your Food, which was chosen as the American Farm Bureau Book of the Year. Her next Nature Storybook will be The Things I Love About Trees, illustrated by Charlotte Voake. Christine lives near Penzance, Cornwall.

About the Illustrator:

Lucia Gaggiotti was born in Italy and graduated from NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) in Milan with a degree in Graphic Design and a specialization in Illustration. Inspired by vintage children’s illustrations, Lucia’s designs are full of colour and warmth. Her previous work for Walker includes the first and second titles in this series, Lunchbox: The Story of Your Food and Where Do Clothes Come From? Lucia lives in London, E8.