Fix-it Phonics – Level 1, Studentbook 1 (Letterland Activity Book)


Fix-it Phonics – Level 1, Studentbook 1 (Letterland Activity Book)


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Age: 3y+

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Fix-it Phonics – Level 2, Studentbook 1 (Letterland Activity Book)

The Fix-it Phonics Student Books are designed to be used in the classroom with the Audio CDs/Downloads. In total the books contain eight units of learning. The engaging Letterland characters introduce the Aa-Zz shapes and sounds through stories, songs, chants and play. Every unit guides children on how to blend sounds to read words, there are regular review lessons as well as `Talk time’ pages to encourage good communication and oral language skills.

Paperback: 88 pages

ISBN: 9781782483779

Dimensions: 22 x 0.9 x 28 cm

Written by: Lisa Holt

About the author:

Lisa HoltLisa Holt studied English Linguistics at York University, after which she taught English in the UK and in Japan. She then became a writer, editor and designer of children’s books. She has written well over 50 phonics titles, including the well received Letterland Fix-it Phonics programme. She has won Primary Teacher Awards for the titles: My First Dictionary, Phonics Touch and Trace, Phonics Touch and Spell; Practical Pre-School Awards for the titles: Living ABC software, Far Beyond ABC and My Alphabet Storybooks which also fully meet the DfE core criteria for high quality synthetic phonics resources. More recently, she has developed an innovative range of products to teach grammar and spelling – Letterland Grammar and Letterland Spelling Stations.