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Barefoot Books – I Took the Moon for a Walk (Paperback)

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Barefoot Books – I Took the Moon for a Walk (Paperback)


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Age: 3y+

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Barefoot Books – I Took the Moon for a Walk (Paperback)

Embark on a dreamy, nighttime jaunt with a young boy and the moon. Overcoming a fear of the dark and discovering the world at night lives at the heart of this poetic tale. Includes notes about the moon and plants and animals that thrive in the wee hours.

Awards: 100 Greatest Books for Kids List, Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine


“I Took the Moon for a Walk is ideal for shared reading, or sampling the pleasures of verse and imaginative language in the classroom, at key stage 1. In a magical adventure, a little boy walks across a rural landscape, the moon beside him, with neighbourhood dogs supplying a choir. Moon’s-eye, and worm’s-eye perspectives free the viewer to roll, bowl, rise, fall and float effortlessly with the main participants. Surreal and serene, the distinctive illustrations have a folk art quality, with the medium creating crackle-glazed surfaces and sensuous colour. The book includes a reference section about the moon, nocturnal animals and flowers.” – Times Educational Supplement

“When the day has ended and everyone else has gone to sleep, a young boy embarks on a magical adventure, accompanied by his friend, the Moon. Their unusual walk is described in lyrical verse and at the end of the poem, readers can discover all kinds of facts about the passage of the moon through the sky and its influence on our lives.” – Junior Education

“Alison Jay’s exquisite oil paint illustrations have a cracked varnish effect that give this book a hauntingly beautiful quality and the detail in the pictures will keep your little ones spellbound for hours.” – NHS Mother & Child

Paperback: 32 pages

ISBN: 9781841488035

Dimensions: 21.6 x 0.6 x 27.3 cm

Written by: Carolyn Curtis

Illustrated by: Alison Jay