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A Lion in Paris (Tate Publishing – Hardcover)

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A Lion in Paris (Tate Publishing – Hardcover)


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A Lion in Paris (Tate Publishing – Hardcover)

A Lion in Paris tells the story of a lion who, bored by his rural life in the savannah, seeks excitement and opportunity in the city of light. On arrival in Paris the lion is disappointed to find that despite his size, people barely pay attention to him, not even when he lets out a ferocious roar on the busy Metro. Taking in the sights and sounds of Paris this beautifully illustrated book successfully conveys the experience of being a stranger in a new city and the process of understanding our own identity.

Hardcover: 36 pages

ISBN: 9781849761710

Dimensions: 29.2 x 1.3 x 38.7 cm

Written & Illustrated by: Beatrice Alemagna

Ab0ut the author: 

Beatrice Alemagna is the winner of many international awards and prizes. She is the illustrator and author of over twenty books for children, which have been translated into thirteen different languages. Her artwork has been the subject of fourteen solo exhibitions and has featured in further group exhibitions including at the Design Museum, London.