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Sensory, Fidget & Tactile: SEN Sensory Toys for Autism

Play is so important for all children. This is not just because it’s enjoyable, but it is how children of all abilities and ages first learn and engage their senses. Whether it be playing independently, engaging in sensory activities with other children or with a caregiver, children should get the opportunity and time to play.

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Unfortunately, play is not always easy for children with autism or other special educational needs (SEN), as they face cognitive or physical challenges that sometimes prevent them from playing with traditional toys. Many children with autism experience difficulties processing sensory input and may have more or less reactivity to sensory input than usual.

If your child has autism or any form of SEN, it is vital to engage them in a variety of sensory activities at an early age. A quick start to practising life skills can best prepare for a successful school and adult life. Autism toys that help children with SEN develop basic skills, such as dressing, socialising, and grooming, should be a central part of their daily routine.

Sensory Toys for Autism UK

Autism toys are an example of SEN resources that can be used in daily sensory activities to help children with autism focus and calm down in stressful situations. These special needs resources come in different forms, including spinners, link chains, blocks, and balancing boards. Sensory toys for autism engage a child’s senses in ways that they can understand and have fun carrying out.

It is, however, vital to choose toys that are simple and encourage communication. When buying sensory toys for autism, you need to put prioritisewhat your child wants and is most interested in. The idea is to give your child special needs toys that can entertain them for long periods while teaching and improving their motor skills. As your child masters their existing skills, you can introduce toys that develop other senses. The eventual goal of autism toys is to make a child more comfortable around their senses through play. You can also look for toys that aid a particular skill that you want your child to advance.

Special Needs Resources for Schools

When a child is stressed, and you are not immediately available to calm them down, a stress ball might come in handy. Stress balls are usually used to keep a child’s hands occupied so they can relax and concentrate in class or speak to a peer or a group. They are one of the best toys for engaging children get used in sensory activities. Due to the lightweight and unobtrusive nature of stress balls, they can be easy for a child to play with quietly. This makes them one of the best special educational needs resources, as they can be used in classrooms and other settings where minimal interruptions are preferred. If stress balls are not your child’s first choice, but they still desire a way to keep their hands busy, there are a variety of other sensory toys for kids with autism. Sensory Circles are also superb special needs resources for schools. They have distinctive patterns that children can feel, describe, and try to tell apart. 

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There are plenty of otherSEN resources for children that cater to a wide variety of sensory preferences.  These range from play foam to the more traditional wooden blocks to balance boards and robots.  Modelling clay is another special educational needs resource that will open up a child’s imagination as well as improve their fine motor skills. Its possibilities are only limited to your child’s imagination. Blocks are also excellent traditional SEN resources that engage a child’s sense of touch and teach them about spatial arrangement. They also help improve the child’s knowledge of coloursand textures.

Children with autism tend to focus on lights or moving objects. The TickiT Sensory Rainbow Fluid Liquid Cascade is one of the best autism toys. It’s also a visual stimulant that helps children with autism to calm down and focus on one thing.

Some children with autism face difficulties with oral sensory activities and may chew and lick inappropriately. Sensory toys thus provide the necessary oral stimulation that is beneficial for refining tongue management. These toys can also double as fidget toys.

The Best Sensory Toys for Autism

Picking sensory toys for autism can be a difficult undertaking. Children’s preferences and interests often change frequently, and they usually end up playing with a few favourite toys. Having different toys that your child can play with depending on their mood and setting can, therefore, be helpful. Soft autism toys can also help children establish a sleep routine and fall asleep easier.