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Do you know what’s difficult? Getting children interested in maths. It’s not always the most straightforward job. Numbers can be confusing, and confusion leads to resistance. The thing is, children can always be taught; it’s just the method in which we teach that’s the problem. WordUnited supports learning through play – in a BIG way. We are all about the right tools for the job, and when it comes to fun fractions for kids, we’ve got the educational toys that you need to make learning math fun!

We’re all about the educational toys and worksheets that will give your child a way to learn with bright colours and easy-to-understand phrasing that makes learning about fractions, decimals, and place value with ease. Learning through play is so essential for child development, and we want to help you to help your children to love learning. Each of our products is versatile, encouraging children to enjoy what they’re doing through play and learning activity sets, math worksheets, and fraction games that make it fun. Our games and worksheets build skills in the core numerical subject areas through creativity, imagination, and exploration

Educational Fun With WordUnited

Have you ever seen the excitement in a child who finally uses a fraction wall? That level of understanding dawning on their faces after they realise that fractions aren’t terrifying is something to behold. At WordUnited, we have what you need to bring that delight and hunger for education into your home or classroom. The math worksheets, fraction games, and place value charts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can offer children in their learning journey. Our range is extensive, created to engage children in their learning and to help them to develop confidence through exploration. Numbers are often a tricky subject for young children, but with the right tools and information, you can enjoy engaging your child, helping them to climb the learning blocks and building a strong foundation for future mathematics.

To be willing to learn, children need fun. They need dancing and singing, and they need physical objects to help them to see the fractions – which is why place value counters work so well! It’s fun maths when you use maths toys, equivalent fractions worksheets, and place value worksheets. When you put it all together, you get a range of products that are designed to encourage a more in-depth understanding – and that’s where the lessons really sink in!

Fraction Games That Get Better & Better

Fractions for kids using our educational toys and worksheets can give children a challenge while they play. Some of our most exciting toys include place value counters and our imaginative fraction games. Some games involve wooden food to cut into segments to help children to learn their fractions. There are even Rainbow Fraction Dominos to help with learning fractions and percentages: it doesn’t have to be boring, and you can disguise learning as a fun, interactive game that is for the whole family. These games teach schoolchildren in a way that breaks down the concept of fractions and decimals in easy to understand pieces. Your older children who are learning more comprehensive fractions can still learn something with our year 4 maths worksheets, and our amazing worksheets for those learning fractions KS2 level.

Popular Topics Covered!

At WordUnited, we have fractions and decimals as some of our most popular topics. We offer fractions worksheets for all ages and place values worksheets and games for children who need that little extra help at home. Our maths games section has inclusive products, allowing more than one person to play at a time. This provides group learning situations and fun for all age groups who come together. Whether your child is newly introduced to fractions or is in the thick of Year 3, we have the fractions worksheets and year 3 worksheets to ensure that they experience learning in a way that benefits them.

Maths Worksheets – Free Resources by WordUnited

There are so many different worksheets that can be used alongside the fractions wall for your children, and with the right ones, you will have a better experience in trying to educate them in fractions, decimals and place values. Our exciting resources are free – and why not? You need access to a range of excellent worksheets and pages to make learning a fun experience, and you can pick and choose the resources that you want to suit all ages. Education should be as interesting and as enjoyable as possible, and our range of resources can help to bridge the gap in your child’s knowledge.

Fraction Worksheets & Fraction Wall

Our numeracy and fractions resources cater to all ages, and you can enable your children to develop their maths skills in percentages, as well as incorporate other lessons such as money management. For fun fraction learning, download a free fraction wall display or engage your child with this fraction wall cut and paste fun activity. A fraction tiles set is a great learning resource to use alongside the fraction wall. Equivalent fractions worksheets as well as these adding fractions worksheets are fun, simple and easy. These fractions on a number line sheets are very clear and help children compare different fractions on the number lines of the same size.

Fraction Games

We’ve made sure that each of our games is fun, exciting and can teach something to your children, allowing them to develop a passion for numbers. The best bit is that our fraction games and place value chart all support the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2. You can download a free fractions dominos here or consider the durable rainbow set from Learning Resources.

WordUnited Learning Blog

As part of our website, we don’t just focus on the products that we sell. We run a blog where you can learn about fractions! You may not be a teacher and need some refreshing as to how schools teach fractions, decimals, and place values to children these days. Our blog is the resource that you need to ensure that you are teaching your children lessons which they can relate to their classroom education. When you combine our free resources and our educational games, wall charts and worksheets with our blog, you get an all-round exciting and educational experience that caters for a wide range of ages.

Our early years’ toys for babies and toddlers include sensory play, messy play, imaginative play, and small world. For preschoolers and children from 5 to 11 years old, explore our full range of educational books and toys that promote literacy, maths, science, ICT, languages, history, and geography. Our resources facilitate independent learning and self-assessment. Also, discover our resources for children with special needs (SEN) and our multicultural toys and books. Each of our products supports and complements the requirements of the EYFS and Primary National Curricula. Why not give your child the best learning resources today?